"Aye Pug Thug" he said "Aye wasss gud my nigga" I say "EH Nm" He says "oh I gotta question for u" He says "ight go for it" "Why did he call u Pug Thug?" I heard a girl say from behind me.


9. The promise

-Deanna PO-

Was this really happening, did Deontay just ask me to be his girl "Deontay" I looked at him surprised "what?" He was really asking me to be his girl I mean yeah Deontay cute and all but I know he just going to sleep with me then leave me and I don't want to go through that again. "Deontay, listen I know what boys like you do to girls like me you fuck them then you leave them and I already got my heart broke like that before I'm not trying to go through that again" he looked at me with his pretty brown eyes "I promise I would never do you like that, you different Deanna" I smiled then laid on his chest, he made feel safe "I will be your girl Deontay, I pray that your different from the rest" I whispered "I promise I won't hurt you" he whispered back "your so damn sweet" I laughed "your lips are sweet" and we both started laughing,  Deontay is different I can just feel it in my soul and I know he wouldn't do me like these other boys would do me

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