"Aye Pug Thug" he said "Aye wasss gud my nigga" I say "EH Nm" He says "oh I gotta question for u" He says "ight go for it" "Why did he call u Pug Thug?" I heard a girl say from behind me.


5. "The Date"

-Deontay's POV-

I walk to Deanna's locker to pick her up, since I mean Schools over. There she is standing there lookin fine af, Ya Im gonna admit I kinda got a crush on her. I walk over to her and she smiles at me. 

"Hey DD" I say, I hope its cool if I can call her that.

"Hey PG" She laughs at it.

"Well you ready?" 

"Yeah, let me grab my book and we can go" 

"Ight" I don't question it cuz I don't got time for an explanation.

"Ight, Im ready now"

We walk outta the building to my car. I go open the door for her she blushes a bit.

~Skip car ride~ 

We arrive at the park, I go open her door for her. I take her hand and drag her along side me till we reach a spot I found in da middle of the trail. There's this big ass rock I like to sit on, I lead her over that way. I help her up to the rock, then myself. 

"W-w-w-wow PG This shit amazing" she says 

"Yeah I found it out here a year ago and have been coming to it since" 

"Ight so why do people call you Pug Thug?" she asks 

"Well Let me say that's not my real name, It's Deontay" 

"Oh well nice to meet you Deontay" we both laugh 

"Ight back to the story, anyway when I was a lil boy I always used to scrunch my face up and my mama, and pops would tell me I looked like a Pug. Well a few years after my dad died. When I was 14 I was know at my school for being a Thug, cuz I'd always cause out my teachers, and do stupid shit like smoke weed. Yes I know shocking. Well I grew up with most people who called me a Thug, They became my homies. I told them da story and they just started calling me Pug Thug." I tell her, waiting for a response.

"Oh Im sorry bout your dad" She says sighin 

"It's cool, I know hes in a better place" 

"Well that was a really cute story tho, Do u tell everyone this?"

"To be honest no I've only told my homies and you. I'd like to keep it that way if possible" 

"Ight, I got chu Tay" 

"Thanks" I say lookin up

I feel her lay her head on my shoulder. 

"Its gonna be all right, Im hear for ya If u needa talk" She says.....     

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