"Aye Pug Thug" he said "Aye wasss gud my nigga" I say "EH Nm" He says "oh I gotta question for u" He says "ight go for it" "Why did he call u Pug Thug?" I heard a girl say from behind me.


7. Pug

"Do you think you can drive me home?" I asked "why you leaving so early" he looked at me with his pretty eyes that just made me wanna melt "I have to get home" I mummer "please stay" I really did like spending time with Deontay but if I didn't get home my dad would kill me. "Ok I'll stay a while longer" not wanting him to think I was lame an shit. Me and Deontay on the rock for hours just talking about our lives and our parents "my mama left me with my dad and then she went to get a new family" I started to cry "I'm sorry to hear that but u gotta be strong for you and your dad" he touched me chin  and that made me smile and blush Deontay was probably a thug but he was a cute pug thug and I love that about him.

"Your smile is so sexy" he whispered in my ear while we were cuddling and I swear I have never cuddled with a man in life I just feel uncomfortable when people try to cuddle with me but when me and Deontay were cuddling it just felt.......perfect he made me feel comfortable "I'm not going to call you pug thug I'm just going to call you pug because your my ugly puppy" I started laughing hard but Deontay wasn't laughing 

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