"Aye Pug Thug" he said "Aye wasss gud my nigga" I say "EH Nm" He says "oh I gotta question for u" He says "ight go for it" "Why did he call u Pug Thug?" I heard a girl say from behind me.


1. About me....

-Pug Thug POV-

Aye Im Deontray but most know me as Pug Thug. Im 6'3 and 17 years old. Im from Cail on the south side. I ant really good at this shit but ya. I got 2 bros and a sis, one of my bros is older then me by a year, I also got a younger bro he like 13, and my sis is older by 2 years. I play football, basketball, and I run track. My pops got shot when I was 5 so its been my sis, bros, mom, and me for 12 years now. I have both my ears pierced, Secretly Im a math genie and we gonna keep it that way till I graduate. I mostly listen to rap and R&B music, and my fave colors are blue, red, orange,and black. I ant really got much to say about myself and family, also if you wondering why they call me Pug Thug your just gonna have to stay tuned cuz its a long ass story to explain.      

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