New Future

Sam and his friends are tasked with the protection of New Future, and the survival of the human race. Can the threat be stopped?


2. Chapter 2 - The Problem

My mind was racing, this was really bad, and I knew it couldn’t be good. “Well, tell me already!”

Cecil took a breath, opened his eyes, and looked at me. “They have changed their travel routines. Lee and Racheal went on a run together, and they were heading towards New Future.” Cecil said.

My ears and eyes hurt. “Well, I guess you could say my run was normal, but that doesn’t mean anything now does it?”

Cecil shook his head. His blonde hair, grown back down behind his shoulders rustled with him. Cecil was six-foot-tall, and a very firm leader, he always wore complete leather, aside from his casual t-shirt.

I was five foot five, and had brown droopy hair, with ragged clothing, in comparison to him. It wasn’t all so bad that he was in charge of the scouting division either, because he did a great job at keeping us together.

Lee, was rather a jokester, and was a compellingly smart redhead. He just lacked the common sense to go on runs by himself. That is why we have his sister, Racheal go on runs with him. That, and she refused to let him be a scout without her around him.

“Okay people, we have about twenty-four hours to come up with something to save New Future, so let’s get to it.” Cecil said.

“Okay, I’ll call in the town garrison, and inform them of the situation.” Lee said, turning into the professional he really is.

“I’ll look into the plans and tactics we can take, Sir.” Racheal said.

“Sam, I want you with me, come on. I need to show you this.” Cecil said.

I followed behind him up the stairs, to the top of the wall. The green foggy air, now consuming my vision.

“It’s at the south-side of a New Future, we’ll have to run to get there.” Cecil said.

“Okay, can you tell me a little bit about it while we run?” We started to run across the wall.

“No, it is just something you should see for yourself I am afraid.”

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