New Future

Sam and his friends are tasked with the protection of New Future, and the survival of the human race. Can the threat be stopped?


1. Chapter 1 - The Beginning

The gates screech open before me, emitting a sound of paper tearing, amplified by a thousand. Its massive structure was what kept humanity at its greatest. Ever since they came at least. This was the last human settlement on Earth. Named New Future, for being our only future. The city of New Future was rather large, and housed about ten thousand humans.

It was the remains of petrified suburbs and burnt down forests. It has been well prepared and fixed, most of the homes housed people in them. I was a scout for New Future. My job was to scout out their movements and herding routines.

Outside of these walls, was a living hell. The barren earth, the grass was a mellow dead color of degrading yellow, and the air was intoxicated by unknown substances. We would all slowly die from those toxins. The earth was bitterly quiet, as water was scarce, the trees had all dried up, and the hum of a car was as rare as seeing eclipses in the sky.

Except in the sky, no longer did we look at the stars, or the sun, but instead the colossal ship that stretched across our horizon in the clouds. Invading the rim of our atmosphere, they were the hellish creatures of the dark. It was getting dark, always be inside before the darkness crowds.

“Hey Sam, what’re you doing? We opened the gates for you, come on in before the sun is gone.”

I looked up at the voice that came from the wall. It was none other than my old pal’ Cecil.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming. I just had a long day.”

I walked through the gates hastily and around the right corner to the scouting office. Making my way into the office, I noticed the other scouts were already back. Lee, and Racheal.

“Why is every back so early? I know it’s sundown, but why do you have those looks on your face?” I said.

Racheal said, “Bad news…Sam.” She wiped the nervous sweat from her face.

Cecil came hustling down the stairs to me, “We don’t have much time Sam, let me explain.”

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