Our Wee Turtle


1. The Journey Begins

Two and a half weeks ago, we were still in Atlanta enjoying our time with family and friends. Ro wasn't any different from his loving, active, happy, playful self. As I was watched him from the terrace play with his brothers', I noticed how his head was hanging a bit and his stomach looked a bit too bulged. It was so minor that no one else except my neurotic momma eye would have noticed. The days went by, and nothing changed. Ro's behavior, appetite, activity levels etc. remained unchanged. He was still our happy Wee Turtle.

Though about a week ago, when we arrived back home, Allan noticed. We thought perhaps he had finally put on some weight and started to grow to the size the rest of his "peer".

But just to our luck (sarcasm) this is how it went instead:

(10/3-5) -Multiple pediatrician visits and blood samples and testing and samples and scans and finally a defining MRI.

(10/6) - Róar has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a rare, but most common, childhood cancer. Findings from an MRI and CT Scan show TWO masses. One in his abdomen which is where it originated, the other one on his left orbital bone (the cause of his black eye). Neuroblastoma is very treatable and even curable. We have our plan in place, and we have all got our Combat Boots!

We feel so blessed to be surrounded by the most amazing family and friends on this planet. We know Róar is a fighter and the strongest little boy out there, and we know we are going to beat this. Please continue to pray and keep our family in you thoughts at this time.

- Love, Kristina

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