Side story of first book, Outlier. Story of the clone born from DNA of nameless prodigy in laboratory, fated to serve the nation until his body fails to respond, instantly becomes worst failure of science experiment because of his ability being unknown. Outside, he might be average teenager, but in insides, he is extremely fragile and not much different from newborn.


1. Who am I?

Normal humans are told to be infant when they are first born, but for us, it is not. The term that scientist calls us Replicas, and gives us codename one by one based on our base model. My base model is Ri001, and I have not a slight clue of what it means. I am different and special from everyone else. Out of 26 DNA bases, I am the one and only clone of my base. Maybe it is because of difference of how much sample we have. Unlike other bases with one complete human sample, mine barely have an arm intact. It was known that the higher talent one possess, the chance of replicating that talent becomes more difficult. Out of few thousand attempts to replicate my original, all of it failed except me. They said that even with the latest technology, my DNA map couldn't be decoded as easily as any other previous ones. At birth, we are all at least 6 years old, maybe they didn't have enough budget to take care of our infant forms. At age twelve, we are to be adopted to other families from wealthy place. We have to train ourselves everyday until the day that we will be adopted after being tested for our abilities. Ability is power to control or change world around us. Some kids are able to manipulate flames while some can control the amount of gravity on either objects or living organism. Today is my day to be adopted into a family, and also the day that I will know Authority level of my ability and the type. My original was said to have record breaking level 98 with all type of force control you may think of. I personally do admire him. "Today is the day, Ri." I said. Ri is the shortened name I made myself. I walked on the stage and placed my hand at the crystal. "Your authority level is same as your original, 98." the test administrator announced. "But, your type of ability is not the same as your original, it is defined unknown." I feel down to my knees. Did I ruin my original's title of most talented individual? As I expected, many people began to lose interest in me. Unknown ability can be any ability, and it has been known to be unaccepted by many families because of the fact that it is too risky. Amongst those who lost interest, there was one person in the shadows that looked me with a sympathy. I didn't expect much from, but for the first time, my prediction were wrong. "We will take him." said that very person. "Hah" I was relieved, for me, an incomplete copy, to be chosen. I decided to serve this person gladly. 

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