Hard to let go

when all you want is to be happy, and loved. Would you fight for what you want or just let it all go? Follow the story of Jasper and Eric as they try to find a love greater than their own.


4. Together again but with a consequence....

I saw Erik walk up to me with a smile and hold out his hand. I have lost my mother but have gained a soul mate. Behind him I saw my dad, a cry came from my lips as I ran to him.
“I missed you son.”
“I missed you too daddy.” We parted and looked at each other for a long moment. I walked over to Erik and brought him over to my father. I can now say there is a life after death. It may be the most painful thing you have to do, but you will always see the ones you love again it just takes time. Though you may not think so you have all the time in the world. Looking down I see the doctors pull my mom from my now lifeless body and a tear streamed down my face. 

"I'm sorry mommy" I cried out as I watched her fall to the ground destroyed and heart broken. I walked away hoping that one day she could forgive me and move on.

"I will see you again." I said walking away.


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