Hard to let go

when all you want is to be happy, and loved. Would you fight for what you want or just let it all go? Follow the story of Jasper and Eric as they try to find a love greater than their own.


3. Im where... What happened

    “Jasper? Jasper, baby please wake up. Baby it’s mommy come home to me baby please.” I wanted so badly to open my eyes to see her tear stained face and whip the fresh tears away, to look her in the eyes and tell her I’m not going anywhere but that would be a lie. I want to make her feel safe, to make her feel the way I feel when she talks to me. I want her to feel something other than the hurt she feels knowing that she will lose me like she lost my father. Before I could do anything I heard heavy footsteps. 
    “Mrs.Evans I am sorry to interrupt you but we have gotten your son's lab work back on his head and it doesn’t look good.” A husky voice spoke.
    “What do you mean?” Her voice was soft but scratchy.
    “Mrs. I am sorry but it seems that if your son does wake up he will be blind.There will be a chance of brain damage but it looks like a slim chance. He has a one and a million chance of waking up,” I didn’t listen to much after that because all I heard was my mother cry. Keep in mind that when I say cry I don’t mean sniffle sniffle. I mean a gut wrenching cry, and I have only ever heard that cry one other time in my life and that was when we got the call that my father had been in a car wreck with a drunk driver.
    “What about the boy he was with?” my mom managed to choke out.
    “He was pronounced dead on arrival.” No was all I thought. why? I said to myself. I get one good thing to happen to me and it all goes to hell. Deciding to give up, I hated doing this to my mother but I didn’t want to lose another person I loved. So I  stopped fighting the black hole that had been trying to consume me, soon all That could be heard was the last beep on my heart monitor as it flat lined.Sorry Mom I love you and please forgive me I love you.

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