Up To Death [ Jastin ]

They came from two different worlds, completely different lives, One a Superstar other a gang leader, both had a Purpose to fulfil, But who knew that both of their purposes will bring them together and collide each other's life forever. No Homophobia Comments please


1. Chapter One


My body bounced with excitement, the feeling going through all around me cannot stop will not stop, my eyes burned with so many new faces, new features in a person today, the smile on my face going bigger than bigger than before when I finally stepped on to my platform. This was the moment I've been waiting for three years and coming back was the most happiness day for me.

My eyes scanned the whole arena, the flashing lights the clapping carried on for me and mostly the screams and the enjoyment coming from my dedicate fans what I call them and what they call themselves Beliebers, My Beliebers.

Who have been there for me since I started my new life, they never abandoned me they agree and disagree to my choices sure when I did some not do idol things a lot of hate came my way trying to put me down But not my Beliebers, they stood up for me defending me against the enemy, sending their love and care in ant chance they got.

Their not just my fans, Their My Family, we have a special connection that only me and my beliebers can understand I'm glad to be an inspiration to them helping them when they were not doing okay losing their hope and faith in life in love but now their helping me to come back where I was. And I know most of my Beliebers are girls But secretly guys also listen to me, Don't Deny It Guys! I know boy-Beliebers exist, I've seen a lot. Now you all are wondering where am I now ?

The day my Beliebers and I waited for...

" Justin! Justin! Justin! "

" How you doing LA!!! "

I've just performed my number one new single hit What do you mean ? Which reach the top of billboard 100 and 200 and stayed there for weeks, my clothes are sweaty and sticky on me but I don't care to say I was nervous wreck when I started singing was true but doing the way I knew they loved it and their are proud of me. I soon felt something wye rolled down my cheek and that's when I realised I'm crying. I'm crying cause my Beliebers are here for me still when I thought I lost them

Forever, I'm crying cause I've got the support of my family and friends and that my latest Album will blow your minds, to end the show I gave my signature sign which they all returned.

When I reached the back everyone gave me a pay on the back is a bro hug/ handshake with few words in bewteen, I headed up to my dressing room for a quick shower and chill at home, when I got in a sign came out of all my tiredness I just felt, guess I'm not used to it anymore but it will get better. Placing my SnapBack on the table I looked up only to jump back in shock when I saw Scooter standing there.

" Jesus Christ man, are you trying to give me a heart attack ? "

But he kept wiping his eyes and the water works wouldn't stop? Another one I've seen crying today. What happened here? Did somebody die? Did someone end up pregnant ? Almost everyone in the backstage are crying today.

Am I missing something ?

I gently tapped him on his shoulder with a frown faced.

" Scoot, are you crying ? "

Scooter shook his head still wiping the tears away looking down at me.

" N-No I'm just...S-Sweating throughout M-My eyes "

Rolling my eyes I put my arm around his shoulder for a hug.

" It's okay I know you're proud of my comeback, but try to not cry k, it makes you look like sissy and plus you're creating an scene "

Scooter nods still sniffing, agreeing with me.

" Yeah I think that's an- HEY! "

I laugh and tried to avoid his slaps coming on to me, he huffed end walked out as I was still laughing and smiling at him. Sometimes he's like my father to me when we have our bonding times and playful fights but he can be very supportive and a bit over-protective for me like where I am right now because of him, he scarified a lot for me to help me make my dreams come true and I can't thank him enough him and my mom fake everything they have done for me.

As he was about to Exit my room I remembered the tweet a fan of mine sent to me about Scoot. Taking out my Phone I unlocked it and read the tweet.

Neolights785 Tweeted:

@scooterbraun I find it sweet you're helping Justin out with his Recovery like us Beliebers are too But try to control your bossynees a little. It's gets annoying sometimes. @justinbieber btw LOVE YA MY MAN 💞😘

He gasped listening to it then scoffed and crossed his arms currently not in a good mood now.

" Tell her to try raising up a kid who has been through a lot and struggled to get where he is and Coming back into the game after three freakin years! And still acts like a Six year old who's always wants to be crazy and never grow up. "

Storming out of room I shouted back at his response,

" Like Peter Pan "

" Just like Peter Pan "

A few more chuckles and laughs I did shaking my head, yup that's the Scooter I know right there who I know can be very strict sometimes but also a fun guy. That's how we roll yo! And always will. This day a lot of surprises for me, my comeback after years, this playtime with me and Scoot and how my Beliebers still love me till this day.

Laying down on the couch I signed as my smile soon faded away, cause aside from all the support I've got...it's just not enough to bring back the old me. Don't get me wrong I appreciate everything all my family and friends and everybody else has done for me but what they still don't know is that even though I'm recovering but inside I'm still hurting crying for help somebody anybody to heard to lead me in the right direction.

I know when I started I had half of my dear fans there and others who hated me I was stuck in the middle, who to listen? who to believe? My supporters or the haters? Every comment, every thought and every second counted. It makes me think that when a hate tweet or a message came, or one of my fans fighting with a hated for something I posted, I do my want to cause any trouble for anybody. A lot of people make up rubbish rumours about me, thinking they know me that I'm a screwup, that I'll be like that forever that I will never change but they don't know me! They don't try to get to know me whatever I've done is not bad as half of what others do so I smoked...BIG DEAL, Zayn and Louis did too and they still get loved by their fans I hand out with millions of girls doesn't mean I'm dating them all or their my one might stand. I admit but not every guy does.

Why is it that when someone does something it's okay but when I do it, it's suddenly a big crime? I'm also a human guys I make mistakes and apologise I have feelings I feel like I'm dying, I put on a fake smile to show everyone I'm fine im good but what they don't know is that I'm broken, scattered into tiny pieces like glass which can't be repaired.

I need somebody to love, somebody to hold me when I'm down somebody to make me smile when I get into fights or bring me into a hug when I need comfort. Somebody who will always treat me right like I will to them, somebody who will understand me, somebody who will never let me go somebody to make me know that life is worth living, that I will have somebody to count on, somebody I can go to somebody I can tell my secrets too, my desires my nightmares. Somebody who won't judge me for my mistakes I've made, for the mistakes I will continue to me. I want somebody who says goodnight to me, and prays to god they get the chance to say good morning. Somebody who knows my quirks, somebody who wipes away my tears, somebody who needs me. Somebody who loves me for the real me not The Super star Justin Bieber.

Somebody to love...

Is that too much to ask?


My thumb and forefinger touched my chin as I looked down at the row of colors laid In front of me, it started from Red, Purple, Yellow, Baby Pink, Sky Blue and ending Lime Green. I had almost finished my drawing and need are last colors to complete it bit don't know which one to select?

Yellow is too bright and I've already used a lot of Blue and Red so...I'll go with Baby Pink! It's light and will blend in with the leaves on the blossom tree, grabbing the Color I blended the Color smoothly to finish the drawing. Today is a special day especially for my Mommy and Daddy.

It's the day they got MARRIED! They are married for 20 Years so it's their 21st now or as what Dean told me it's called A-Anniversary. Every year me and Dean make it special for them, I make drawings or sometimes bracelets with Daddy like so much be buys me skittles and Mommy says I have a gift, Dean buys them sprays Daddy uses but it smells like the ones you kill bugs with. Thank god Daddy didn't hear him otherwise he would sent Dean into the naughty corner.

Hehe I never got sent there cause I'm an angel 😇

Smiling at the drawing which had a field with Lime Green grass, A Blossom Baby Pink tree in the side right in the front is the yellow and orange sunset with Sky Blue sky and sitting down watching it hand in hand are my Mommy and Daddy. This is the best one yet! Daddy's so going to love this. Double packs of Skittles here I come. Herring my bedroom door open I looked up and saw Dean standing there with Alyn his best friend. I got off my bed and held the picture up to Dean and Alyn.

" Look what I made for Mommy and Daddy, so you think they will like it? Does it look better than my last one? Does it need more Color? One the second thought I don't think it does cause adding more will spoil it. Should I add my signature too? "

I rambled on and on until I felt Dean put his hand on my mouth shutting me up.

" Jase your picture is fine, there's something I need to tell you "

I nodded and jumped on my bed when Dean sat down and pulled me on his lap moving my colors to my desk. He signed thinking for a whole as I waited for him to speak.

" Jase I just got a call from the Airport security, they said Flight Ak-786 which was coming from Jamaica left at 5:30am and was expected to arrive at 8:00am But on the way a Tornado came and the tower lost it's singles from the flight. The flight was reported missing for four hours "

He licks his lips looking down the back up to me as I felt my heart start to beat faster and slowly feel it crushing.

Please don't tell me it's True...


That's why I left Alyn to take care of you while I went to the Airport and get updates. They said A few passengers survived some injured and some dead, Jase it crashed in the Ocean and Mommy and Daddy-"

" NO NO NO " I screamed covering my ears and crying badly, I felt Dean hug me as I clutched tightly to him. Why? Why did this day had to come? I had planned so much today and now it's all gone down the drain, I lost my parents the two people who I loved with my whole being, the two ego promised me to show all around the world, the two who taught me and Dean wrong and right, to play, to laugh and crack jokes. My Mommy would tuck me into bed and read me night stories My Daddy who would look for monsters underneath bed and take me out for ice cream.

It all ruined! It's taken from me, me and Dean are all alone Orphanage Kids, I let go of Dean and raced down into our basement with Dean and his friends shouting for me as they followed me, pulling the red handle down I grabbed the gun lying there and shot the popping faceless dummies that kept popping up by one. I breathed in angrier, broken, crushed, furious and emotionless.

Lowering my gun with emotional face I had finished the task in two minutes flat, that's when Dean and his friends came saw everything and gasped amazed by my hidden skill. That's when I heard Alyn speak behind as I remand put.

" Looks like we found our new leader "

Thanks for reading.

Excited for this one.

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