Zombie Apocalypce

What happens when a virus spreads around the world. What is that virus? What does it do? One word. ZOMBIES



"Rise and shine!" Casey yelled.

Training time.

There where a few groans as we all stumbled out of our bunks.

We changed into our training closes. Each dorm had a different coloured shirt. Ours was grey. Such an exciting colour. I know.

We followed Casey out to Area 1. This was the shooting range.

"Earmuffs on. Guns loaded!" Casey yelled.

"Aim! And fire!"

I loved the sound of a gun shot. Especially when the bullet comes in contact with the target board.

We spend at least an hour at the shooting range before we moved on to Area 2. This area was track. I hated this bit.

In an apocalypse, you have to be able to run fast. Really fast.

We all lined up for a 100m sprint. This was to see who was fast and... Well who was likely to die basically.

"Ready!! Go!" Yelled Nick.

I ran faster then my legs could take me. I didn't even know I could run this fast.

I came in 2nd out of 17 (this didn't include the younger kids).

My legs felt like jelly. I walked around too keep the bloody pumping. I felt sick. I quickly got a drink and followed the others to the next area.

Area 3. Fitness... Well more like weights and boxing.

I've watched Rocky and Creed multiple times. I'm sure I can throw a punch.

"Nick! You take the boys. You lot are weight lifting. Girls. Your with me." Casey said.

Fuck my life. I'd rather be a Zombie.

We walked over to a boxing ring.

"First in... Jenna and Maria."


I waited and waited for my turn. There was only one other person left. Casey. The bitch hates me so of course she would want to fight me.

"Casey and Bethany. You're up." Nick said.

The boys had finished their weight lifting so they came to watch.

I tightened the lackey in my hair and stretched my muscles before jumping into the ring. No gloves. No protective gear. This is gonna hurt like a bitch.

"Go!" Nick yelled.


There was a lot of yelling with each punch that was thrown.

I threw her to the ground and pinned her arms above her head.

"Get ready to pack your things. Looks like I might be the new leader here." I sniggered and punched her in the mouth.

"Time!" Nick yelled.

"You bloody bitch! That hurt!" Casey yelled as she put her hand to her mouth.

"I don't play nice. Get ready to step down as leader Casey." I said and grabbed a towel.

"Nice going girl!" Said a shorter girl.

"Thanks um..."

"Oh. I'm Karice." She said as we walked to the weights.

"Everyone in pairs. One of you is weight lifting. The other is encouraging.

Karice and I walked over to a free bench. I went first.

"Go!" Casey yelled.

Everyone was yelling at each other.

"Go Bethany! Let's do this!" Karice shouted.

"Come on! Lift those weights like it's your last day on Earth. We need to fight off the Zombies. Not feed them." Casey yelled as she walked around.

"Looks like Bossy-Boots is too cool to train." I said to Karice as Casey walked passed.

"Got a problem Miss Waters?"

"No." I spat and lifted the weights.



(A few hours later, and 2 more Areas done)

After hours of training in five different areas, we finally went back to our dorm.

My body is gonna be seriously sore tomorrow.

By the time we all ate and showered it was meeting time. We all gathered around a spare bunk.

"Ok. Quiet down. Good job with training today guys. I want you too get better each week. Tomorrow we are out on field." She said.

I looked up with wide eyes.

"On field?" I questioned.

"Yes. What don't you understand?"

"Is this part of our training or are we going out for real?"

"For real." Casey replied.

I looked at Nick. He shrugged his shoulders before pulling me aside.

"You ok?" He asked.

"I'm fine. But there are little kids here. Some of them are no older then 7. Surely they will not be allowed on field?"

"I don't know. I wouldn't think so."

"You two finished?" Casey interrupted.

"No. But you are." I said and stormed over to her.

"Please. Go ahead."

"Are we all going on field?"

"No... Just the penguins. What do you think?"

"What about these little kids?!" I said raising my voice.

"They will be fine. They know how to fight and shoot. They will get though it."

"I cannot believe you are willing to risk the lives of young kids." I scoffed, folding my arms.

"If I were you, I would lower your voice." Casey said.

"Don't tell me what to do. If I were you, I would not let those kids go out. If we die, they are our only hope of keeping the human race alive."

Casey gave me no reply. She just glared at me before spinning around and walking to her bunk.

"That's what I thought." I murmured.

"Lights out!" Said a male with such a deep voice, I thought it was Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He was built like him. Tall and solid. Very solid.

We all scattered quickly and quietly like mice to our bunks before the lights were turned off.

Another day done and dusted.


Hey guys!

Another chapter done. What do you think?

Comment, favourite idc.

Thanks for being awesome.


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