Zombie Apocalypce

What happens when a virus spreads around the world. What is that virus? What does it do? One word. ZOMBIES


8. MASTER PLAN (Part 2)

"Help. Please."

Something wasn't right.

Why is it repeating?


We continued to walk towards the voice.

We found ourselves at the back of the shed looking at a small door. The lock had been broken off and the hinges were rusty. With my gun loaded and aimed, I kicked the door open and slowly walked into the room.

It was pitch black and dead quiet.

Sandy grabbed her torch and shon it around the room. I found a switch and flicked it on. Light. And a person.

The person was tied to a chair with a cloth bag over its head.

"Hello?" I said.

No response.

I used my gun to prod the figure. Nothing.

Carefully I began to remove the bag.



"Sandy! Fire!" I yelled but no gun shots.


I spun around. She had been turned. Shit.

I stood in front of the figure and began firing.

The thudding sound of the corpse to the concert echoed around.

"Don't move." Said a voice.

The figure. Male.

"Drop your weapons!" He yelled.

I did as he said and raises my hands.

"Turn around."

I slowly turned to him. He was aiming his gun at my head.

"Please don't shoot. I'm not a Zombie. I'm-"

"Shut up!" He said interrupting me mid sentence.

"Who are you? Where did you come from?"

"I'm Bethany Waters. I came from the West Coast Army Reserve."

"Hm." He chuffed and lowered his gun.

"Prove your not a zombie."

"If I was, don't you think I would have killed you by now?" I say folding my arms.

"True. But Sandy would have already been bitten before you came here."

"Search me. I have no bites or traces of zombie in or on me."

"I believe you. Why are you here?"

"I'm trying to find my parents."

"Ok and how did you find me?"

"I could hear a female voice repeating 'help me' so I followed it and I found the door which led to you."


"Kyle. Ex army officer." He said calmly.

I sighed with relief. I felt 100 times safer.

"Wait. Ex?" I questioned.

He was exceptionally toned.

"Yep. I left a few years ago. Why?"

"Just asking. Making conversation."

"Help. Please."

That same voice repeating again.

"Help. Please."

"Get behind me." Kyle said as he stepped in front.

"Excuse me but I can protect my self." I say as step next to him.

He raises an eyebrow and loads his gun.

"Help. Please."

"I'm sure I got rid of that." Kyle said.


"Before I was tired up."

"Because when Sandy and I came here that same voice was playing on repeat."


"You think."

"Stay behind me." He said, I sighed and rolled my eyes.

"I told you before. I can protect myself. So stop telling me to get behind you."

I got no answer. Just a grunt of annoyance.

"Don't grunt at me."

"Shh." He said and put a finger to my lips.

He bent down so his eyes met mine.

"What?" I said.

"You listen to me. Got it."

"Fuck you. I'm out." I said and walked out of the shed and into the open.

"Come back here! You'll die on your own!" Kyle yelled.

I ignored him and continued to walk.

"I don't need anyone. I can kill a zombie. I can shoot a gun. I'n not 4." I said out loud to myself.

"Bethany...." A borderline croak/whisper said.

I stopped frozen.

"I'm not scared. It's just my mind playing tricks on me." I said and continued walking towards Sandy's house.

This would hopefully be the safest place at the moment. I can sleep here.

I got inside and barricaded the doors that led outside and made sure all the windows were shut and locked. I shut all the blinds and curtains and only used candles for light.

"Food. Food. Food." I repeated as I searched the cupboards.


I remember hearing Sandy mumble something.... Something like "My vegetable garden.... My vegetables will be destroyed."

"Vegetable garden."

I grabbed my gun and a torch and ran out the back. There it was. A vegie garden. Still in perfect unharmed condition.

I knelt down and picked a few things, humming quietly to myself.

"I told you to stay behind me." An angry voice spoke.

I froze. Kyle. He found me.

"And I told you I don't have to follow your orders."

I stood up and faced him.

His face was dirty and his hands covered in blood.

I sighed.

"Come on. Have a shower and I'll make something to eat."

He nodded and walked inside.


"That smells good. What it is?" Kyle said as he walked into the kitchen.

"Just steamed vegetables. Nothing exciting." I said and turned to face him.

I couldn't help but stare. He was in shorts and nothing else. His tanned toned body shimmering every now and then from water droplets.

"You like what you see huh?" He smirked.

"Um what? No. There was a spider." I stuttered and turned back around, knowing my cheeks were burning red.

I could hear him laugh quietly.

"Don't be shy." He whispered into my ear as his arms snaked around my waist.

I couldn't help by smile.

"Kyle, we're in the middle of an apocalypse. We cant." I said as I turned the gas off.

I got no response.

"Can you get us some plates and cutlery?" I asked.

"Yeah." He replied as his hand ran through his damp hair; his v line showing a little more as he lifted his arm.

"Um... How hungry are you?" I asked trying not to look.

"Very hungry." He laughed.

"Stupid question hey."

We both laughed awkwardly.


After tea I went up and had a shower. I definitely missed the clean feeling and I definitely missed sleeping in an actual bed... Not the hard thin things on spring bed frames.

I washed my hair and body and then stood under the water for ages. My fingers had turned into prunes by the time I got out.

I dried my self off and rummaged through my bag for some clothes and then walked down stairs.

Kyle was in the lounge room with the tv going... Quite loud actually and with the lights on.

"Kyle. You can't have the lights on!" I said as I turn the lamps and main light off in the lounge room.


"Zombies." Was all I said as I lent against the wall.

"Come here." He said as he patted a spot next to him.

I moaned and plopped myself next to him.

With his muscular arms wrapped around me and the quiet background noise of the tv, it didn't take long for me to fall asleep.

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