Zombie Apocalypce

What happens when a virus spreads around the world. What is that virus? What does it do? One word. ZOMBIES


7. MASTER PLAN (Part 1)

I couldn't stay here any longer. I came to this camp after being rescued. I don't know if my parents are alive, dead or... Zombified... And I need to know. I want to find my parents.

It was about 3am. Everyone was asleep. I had packed my bags the day before. I grabbed them, I put my boots on and header towards the door.

At night, our weapons are stored in a room at the end of the hall. The room is never locked. Just in case there is an attack.

I found my gun and headed to the exit. This was risky business. I mustn't get caught. Who knows what will happen if I do.

I'm out. Free-ish. Now to find my parents. I decided to go home. That was probably the best option if I was going have any chance in finding them.

I don't think I fully remembered how to get there... But my legs just kept walking down the gravel road.

I had been walking for roughly three hours. The sun was starting to rise and the birds began to chirp. I felt like everything was back to normal. It felt amazing.

I was brought back to focus when I heard a gun shot ring out. All my senses were on high alert. My gun had never been loaded quicker, my eyes had never been so wide before. I was ready for anything.

I continued walking down the gravel road, gun still loaded and my senses still on high alert.

Another shot echoed. And another.

What on Earth was going on.

My curiosity took over. I followed the gun shots until they brought me to a small house in the middle of a clearing.

I watched my every step making sure I didn't make a noise. This was like choosing between two people in a life or death situation... Okay not quite like that but you get what I mean.

"Who's there!?" I scared voice yelled.


"It's okay. I'm not infected. I'm human." I yell back.

An average height female steps out of the house with her gun.

"Please. Don't shoot. I'm human. I just came from the Australian Army." I say as I drop my gun.

The woman's shoulders relaxed a little as she lowered were weapon.

"Come in side. You'll be safe." She says.

I nod and follow.

I heart was just about in my mouth. It was beating so fast. Faster than I thought possible.

"You hungry?" She asks.


"Here. I've made cookies. I'm Sandy."


"Such a pretty name. That was my sisters name..." Sandy said.

She look sad. Something must have happened to her sister.

"Are you ok?" I asked

"Sorry? Yes. I'm fine... Just a bad memory. Thats all."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Maybe. Not right now." Sandy said with a half hearted smile.

I nodded and took my plate up to the sink.

I stood in the kitchen awkwardly... Not knowing what I could do or where I could go.

I was never good at going to peoples houses or making conversation.

I sighed just to break the silence.

"Tell me, what are you doing wandering around during an apocalypse?" Sandy asked.

"I have to find my parents." I said, a hint of determination in my voice.

"A determined young lady. Good to see."

"Thank you for all this, but I must be going. I need to find my parents." I say as I stand up and throw my bad over my shoulder.

"You are very welcome. Please, I would appreciate it if I could help you find your parents."

I kinda stared at the woman for a bit. I didn't exactly want to be alone...

"Sure." I say with a smile.

"Thank you!"

Sandy runs up stairs and packs a bag with clothes, food and water.

She grabs her gun and extra ammunition.

"Ready?" She asked and I nod.

She locks her front door and takes one last long look at her pale yellow house.

"Lets do this."


We finally arrived in my home town after roughly 5 hours of walking. I had never seen it so deserted before. Rubbish was flying around everywhere. Wild animals picking through rotting food scraps.

We walked through the town centre and out towards my house. Down Westing St, left at Marble St, up the hill, down the hill and right at Greenstone Rd. Number 17. Home.

The house was not how I remembered it. The windows were smashed, the door was hanging from one hinge and the garden was beginning to look like a jungle. It reminded me of Jumanji.

"Home.... It's gone." I said sadly.

Sandy put her hand on my back.

"Dont worry about a house we need to find your parents." She said.

"Yeah. You're right."

Yes. It's just a house, but this house had so many memories. I have lived here since I was born. And now everything is gone.

I took in a deep breath and walked towards the door.

I squeeze my way through and into the hall. It was trashed. Rubbish and crap everywhere.

I searched the house, hoping to find my parents safe and sound... And human. I looked upstairs and downstairs. Nothing. No one in the garage, attic or the basement. I was just about to give up when I heard a voice coming from the backyard.

"Did you hear that?" I asked as I turned to Sandy.


We loaded out guns and heading outside.

No one.

Then there were three loud bangs. Not gun shots though. The noises were coming from the shed.

I slowly and quietly heading to the door. Unlocked. That's weird. Dad always locked the doors no matter what.

I twisted the handle.

"Hello." I said and waited for a reply.

"Help. Please!" A scared voice yelled.

I signalled for Sandy to follow, guns at the ready, we headed towards the calls for help.

"Help. Please!" The voice yelled again.

"Where are you?!" I yelled.

"Help. Please."

Something wasn't right.

Why is it repeating?

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