Zombie Apocalypce

What happens when a virus spreads around the world. What is that virus? What does it do? One word. ZOMBIES



After all this training.... Do we actually know how to kill a Zombie? I've killed a few....

Snap the neck:

* You'd have to get right up close to the zombie in order to do that. By then, you will most likely be infected.

Silver bullet:

* They're no werewolves. You gotta do something more.

Stake to the heart:

* That will buy you some time. It wont kill them. You gotta find the source.

Shoot them:

* Good start. But where? Below the neck if only going to make them stumble a bit and make them more angry.

* Like I said. You gotta find the source.

* I'll give you a clue... Above the neck.

* Yep. Their brain... Or what's left of it.

* You gotta shoot their head. That is the only what to kill these things.

Well... That should do it. We officially know how to slowly end the apocalypse.... Now all we have to do is survive long enough to train people properly and kill these killers.

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