Zombie Apocalypce

What happens when a virus spreads around the world. What is that virus? What does it do? One word. ZOMBIES



Beep! Beep! Beep!

The dreaded sound of the morning wake up call.

Well. Today is the day. I may come back alive... I may not. No one knows.... But when you think about it, no one knows if your gonna come back on a normal day...

We got up and changed into our gear. We checked our weapons and ammunition and then checked to make sure our two way communicators were all working.

"Alright. Move out!" Casey yelled.

Nick and I won the fight. No young kids were aloud on field.

Our guns were loaded. Ready for anything. But I wasn't ready for anything. With all the training, I think I feel more scared.

Anyway. We head out on field. Out of 10 squads, 5 of us went out. We all had specific sections we had to cover. It was scary not knowing what might happen... What could happen.

Luckily, we had our weapons and all the training sorted.

"Nick, Casey and Bethany. Keep an eye out on your left! There is some movement heading your way!" Our commander said over the communicators.

"Got that Sir." Casey replied.

The three of us moved quietly and quickly to a shaded part of the nearby forrest. The rest of our squad moved to the other side for a better look at what might be coming.

"Can you see it?" I asked the others.

We couldn't see anything. I could just make out what someone what screaming.

"Help me! Someone please! It's coming! Help!"

'Oh shit.'  I said to my self.

A small girl ran out into the clearing.

"Hold fire!" Nick yelled.

The girl looked around frantically, trying to find someone.

The other half of our squad signalled for us to move towards the girl.

With are firearms still loaded, we moved cautiously towards her.

"Help! Please!" She yelled again.

I lowered my weapons as I reached her. The girl, no older than 6, looked at me. Fear in her eyes. She was pale and shaking with fright.

"It's ok. What's your name?" I asked.

"Marlee." She replied.

"We're going to keep you safe. Karice will take you back to camp." I say softly.

The girl nodded and took Karice's hand.

"We got one!" Nick yelled

A zombie. This is when it get real.

My heart started racing. My breathing increased.

My mind kept flashing back to the zombie that confronted me before I came here.

The same posture. The same walk. This time... The zombie was... A child.

"Fire!" Casey yelled.

I couldn't. A child. But a zombie. I shook the thought out of my head and fired my gun.

The bullets hitting the zombie straight in the head. Nice.

It hunched over. Growing in pain. Slowly, it turned back into its human form. I watch as the decaying body got its 'normal' colour back.

The blonde hair beginning to show. The small child screamed one last time before collapsing in a heap.

It was gone. Dead.

I sighed in relief. One zombie down.... God knows how many more to go.

Just as we had been given the all-clear to head back to camp, when we heard another scream. But this time, it was coming from... The camp?


I ran as fast as I could, trying to get to her.

I ran down a hall and towards the medical room. Thats the only place I could think of that Karice would take Marlee.

I was right.

I walked into the room. Karice was tied up to a chair with bandages. The girl was no where to be seen.

"Shh!!!" I said as I rushed over to Karice.

I untied her and took the bandage away from her mouth so she could speak.

"Behind you." She whispered.

I grabbed my gun, loaded it and slowly stood up.

"Drop the gun Beth." The girl said from behind.

How did she know my name?

"And what if I don't?"

"I'll make you watch me kill everyone here and then I'll kill you."

Those works coming out of a 6 year olds mouth. I could not believe what I just heard.

I nodded and slowly bent down to put my gun down, not once taking my eyes off the girl who was holding a semi-automatic shotgun.

"Look. We are here to help you. Put the gun down and we will all be safe. No one has to die." I say.

"You killed him." She said.

"Killed who?"



"The Zombie."

I needed more information than a name and a zombie.

"The blonde haired boy you killed. That was my twin brother. You monsters killed him." She explained.

But she was running from him...

"No we didn't. He was a Zombie. Affected by the virus. If anything, we helped him. We saved everyone here. Besides, you were running from him." Nick said.

"You killed him!" The girl screamed and fired the shotgun.

I had been hit. I fell to the ground. Blood rushing from my upper thigh. I reach for my gun but only came in contact with another hand. I looked up. Nick.

"Nick!" I screamed.

He laid there motionless. Not a sign of life. Nothing.

I dragged myself over to him and rested my head on his.

"Wake up." I sobbed.

"Stop it! Please! Stop!" I yelled at the girl.

"Why should I?"

"Your doing more damage killing us then we ever did to your brother. We didn't mean any harm. We had no choice."

I was starting to feel faint. I was losing blood quickly. I needed help... And fast.

"Do you want to turn into what your brother was?" I asked.

The girl froze. The gun dropped. Her head lowered.

"No..." She said quietly.

"Then stop shooting innocent humans and start helping us."

The girl went limp. Her eyes swelling with tears. 

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." She sobbed.

She fell to the ground and buried her face in her bloody hands.

"It's ok. You're only little. You don't understand fully." I said as I dragged myself over to her.

That was close. I'm still alive... The girl is still alive... Karice....

I looked over at the short girl. She was breathing.

Karice is alive.

But Nick.... I'm too scared to check.

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