Zombie Apocalypce

What happens when a virus spreads around the world. What is that virus? What does it do? One word. ZOMBIES



The aftermath is secondary.... Sorry I had to do that


After seeing Nick lying on the cold concrete floor, I must have blacked out because I woke up in my dorm.

"Nick..." I whispered as I came to my senses.

"I'm right here." He grabbed my hand.

I couldn't help but smile... I think I like him... More than a friend.

"What happened? Is Karice ok? Where's Marlee?" All those questions.

"Shhh. Calm down. You blacked out for a bit. I brought you here. Karice is fine. She's just resting. Marlee's gone. She ran shortly after I woke up."

I took a deep breath of relief.

"Where are you going?" Nick asked as I stumbled off my bed.


"No no no. You're not going anywhere until your fit enough to fight again. You lost a lot of blood."

"So did you."

Nick didn't reply. He just chuckled and left the dorm room.

I sighed and laid back down with my hands behind my head. Being on the bottom bunk sucks. You have a great view of timber slats and matrices.

I didn't want to do absolutely nothing. I wanted to get out there and kill those zombies. Maybe I can find away to do that and not let Nick see me...

I thought my plan over a few times before grabbing my coat, chucking my boots on and grabbing my gun. I checked how much ammunition I had... Plenty... And set out to kill. I had never felt so determined before.

Determined for what? Determined to end this apocalypse. This war. This.

I quickly and quietly snuck through the halls of base camp and out onto the field. Crap. My group.

I clung to the wall and snuck around to the back.

So far so good....



I quickly hid behind two old oil drums and rubbed some of the oil onto my clothes to hide my human scent.

"Bethany..." Someone yelled.

Shit. Why now.

A small figure came running towards me.

"Aaron." I whispered to myself.

He was only 7. He shouldn't be out here.

"Aaron! Shh!" I said as he neared to zombie.

"Aggghhgg." It groaned.

I shut my eyes for two seconds. Just two split seconds and BAM!

"Aaron!" I screamed.

His little body lay motionless on the damp grass.

I ran over to him.

This zombie killed him. It didn't turn him. It killed him.

"No no no no. Please. Aaron. Wake up." I said over and over again and I shook his limp body.

"Beth!" A familiar voice yelled from account the field.

"Nick! Help. Please!" I pleaded.

"Nick dropped to his kneed as soon as he saw Aaron.

"How? What? When?" He stuttered.

"He ran towards me as a Zombie got closer. And then the zombie got him." I sobbed.

We treated each other like family. We looked out for each other like siblings. When one falls, the others help. When one died, we all die a little. But nothing will bring us down. Nothing will stop us from ending this war against these undead creatures. Nothing.

We buried Aaron's body in the woods near an oak tree. As sad as it was, I couldn't help but feel a sense of relief. I don't know why though.

As the afternoon air grew cold, we made our way slowly back to base camp. We talked about the good times we shared with the little boy. All those memories in such a short space of time.

Life is not fair. It's full of so many disappointments, yet we tinker on.

"Alright guys. Settle down. It's beed a rough day. Lets have something to eat and play some games to take out minds off today..." Casey said as she took her boots off.

We all nodded in agreement.

Today was rough.


We all showered and ate something. A good hearty meal at the end of a tough day. Perfect.

"What do we wanna play?" Casey asked.

We thought for a bit. Something that the younger kids can play too... Something that we all can enjoy.

"Twister?" I suggested.

"Twister everyone?"

"Yeah!!" Everyone yelled.

We set the game up and decided who the spinner was.... Leiana. A tall dark headed girl.

"Ok.... Right hand green."

Due to the amount of people playing, we joined up two Twister mats to make it easier.

"Left foot blue."

The game went on for a while. We didn't realise what time it was until one of the officers came in to tell us that it was lights out over an hour ago.

So from a rough day to a good night.... I feel pretty good.

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