Secret. S.M.

In the beginning, no one knew about us. In the end they do, but when will they realize that something even bigger than us being together has yet to come?


3. Chapter 3

I have been putting this off because I expected more people to comment...... Well now VJ123, Blue_Penguins_1419 and Runaway Lauren  get some shout outs!!!


Good job guys!!


Lauren's POV:

I set up everything. I want it to be a surprise. I get all the stuff we need. He has no idea!!! (neither do you so I should get to the point) I am SO Excited!!! I start the video camera and do my intro. Btw if you didn't know I was a YouTuber well surprise! 


Hey guys! What's up! I am back with another video. If you are not subscribed go hit that button. Same as always.

Que intro music!

So you all think I am as single as a Pringle right? That is not true. I have been in a relationship for 6 months to this day. I think it is finally time to tell you about him. But he is running late. So I will tell you what all is happening today and hopefully he will get here. So me and this mystery man will be doing the chap-stick challenge. I have a total of like 20 flavors. 10 each 5 rounds of 2 half a point each. And yeah whoever wins gets to pie the other in the face.


I grab the vlog camera I had and point it to my face."Hey babe?" "Hey what?" he says. "I uh have a surprise for you. Come here""


This is him guys ..


~I turn the camera to face him.~


He smiles. Then Says:

I just want you guys to know that: "Yes I am the real Shawn Mendes and this lovely girl Lauren is my girlfriend and we (grabs my hand) are not taking any hate. I want you all to be very supportive on our decisions.


I lead him to the couch and we sit down.

"So we are doing the chap-stick challenge." "Ok I know what that is." "Good don't have to explain it again."



I have Shawn put the blindfold on. First flavor. Skittles. I kiss Shawn he licks my lips to get more flavor. (So he says.) "Cherry?" He guesses. "Is that your final answer?" "Yes" WRONG! It was skittles. Next. Coke. "Oh I know this one. Coca-cola." Right. You have half a point. My turn.


~Skip to end.~



"Ok so the total score is Me with 8.5 points and Shawn with 7!!! I WIN!!! I run into the kitchen and grab the pie. Whoa whoa whoa we did not agree to this. Uh you said you didn't need to here anymore it was in the rules you did not listen to. 




I shove it in his face. This day was amazing.



I edit and post the video. I hope people will like it.

~1 Hour Later.~

I check all my social medias. I have gain so many followers. All the comments so far are really supportive!



I hope they stay that way










Again I am so sorry it has been like 2 weeks since I updated. I was just waiting for more people to comment.


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