Secret. S.M.

In the beginning, no one knew about us. In the end they do, but when will they realize that something even bigger than us being together has yet to come?


2. Chapter 2

Shawn's POV:

I knock on the door and sit behind the swing on her deck. I hear Lauren running down the hall. She always does that, because she slides to the door and has to get some speed. She opens it and looks around. She has a confused look on her face and turns around to go back in. I pop up and grab her by the waist. She jumps and turns into me with her elbows. Trust me that hurt. She realizes it was me and has a look of relief and something kinda like guilt that she just elbowed her boyfriend that she has not seen for like 7 months. The first show of tour I had was the one after I met Lauren. The one she went to was like a kick-off to it in my hometown.  And I made it official about a month later, well official but not public... Ya feel me?


Lauren's POV:

I can't believe it is Shawn I though he was coming to see me in two days. I am so excited! All of my friends said for a while I had been down in the dumps, but they didn't know why and I could not tell them because we were not ready to tell the world. And by we I mean me. Shawn wants to tell the whole world I am his, I just can't take the hate from all the fans. Some of the stuff I see with other stars just hurts me. Seeing all the hate toward them makes me think if I am pretty enough of smart enough or just good enough for Shawn. He always tells me I am though. That is a good sign. His opinion matters more to me that a lot of fans that just want to get with him.


Shawn not only came home early he planned everything we were going to do. I said I just wanted to cuddle on the couch. He told me he knew I would say that so he saved time for that. We ended up getting a pizza and talking for hours, we watched a movie, played cards and added a lot of time for kisses.


Shawn's POV:

Lauren is sitting in between my legs with her head on my chest watching High School Musical 3. We have watched all of them so far. I still can not believe it has been so long since they came out. We are perfect together. The only thing that could make this better is if we actually went somewhere. Yes I know she doesn't want anyone to know yet. But..... I want it to be time. I am not bringing it up tonight. It has been a long day and I do not want to ruin this moment. Since she lives in Brooklyn, it was hard getting here without being spotted. I always fear someone will see me go into her house and they get some story from it. I do not want that to be how the world finds us out, I want it to be me and her doing it together.


Then everything would be perfect.


I trust my fans to accept my decision on who I date.


I made a promise a while ago that I would never let people get away with hate.


I will stick to that.


Why can't she see that?


Lauren's POV:

I have decided on what I am giving Shawn for our 6 month anniversary. It is something that once done can't be taken back....


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