useless: uneeded

not much is expected anymore in this world... Every simple little phrase we remember, it doesn't matter... no one can care, Even if they sit on the edge of their seat.


1. aracniphobia

     Every night, because my house is infested with insects, look to see if there is a spider anywhere on or near my bed. and only spiders, there isn't anything else on this planet that I could care more for beside the fact that, well, I'm deathly afraid of spiders.

July 17, My cousin's birthday was super busy, I got to spend the whole day shopping with her and spoiling her up to the point where many moms looked at me funny, and not the 'wish I were you' funny, the 'you sure are American'  funny. But the thing is, I haven't seen her in over 13 years! so don't judge me an any shape or form. but any way, by mid day we were both exhausted, but I wasn't done giving her my money in stores yet. so we ate at subway and hung out there for at least3 hours talking through life. nothing much in either lives, but many non-important stuff that none of us cared about. But we talked anyway. At 8pm, we stayed at a semi-cheap hotel and ate breakfast there the next day. And... Yes I did check just in case, there was a spider. NOTHING!!!! the next day, we headed off our own separate ways. then I spent time with my old mom at a retirement home and talked to her about yesterday. Then hung out with my friends downtown and then the mall. stressful day huh? well just wait

By the end of the day, being so exhausted, forgot to check my bed before i fell asleep. 

And the one day I don't check my bed for any spiders,



There was no spider on my bed.

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