Love is strong john

About life


12. Love(at the hospital)

The nurse: hi may I help you

Trish:yes I am look for someone john Sumter 

The nurse:he's in surgery 

Trish:ok thank you 

         2 hour passed

Doctors: family and friends of john Sumter 

Everybody : yes

Doctor: he almost died if ms.deanna didn't call in time he would have  died.

Trish:  can we see him please 

Doctor: sure follow me

Deanna pov.

He was lying the like he was dead a tear fell down my face .

John pov.

I seen a white light but I ran from it until I see my cousin we talk and h told me it not my time then I wokup to see everyone in the room . And Trish ran and hug me .

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