Love is strong john

About life


20. Love( first day back to work )

Jasmine: john hey umm... can I have some money 

john: umm sorry jasmine I don't give money to crackhead and your fire for stealing those peanuts out my office.

jasmine: fuck you  where my check 

john:you don't get on (calling for  security )

security officer:sir

john: can you please come and get jasmine  out of my office 

security officer:yes sir ( coming to get jasmine)

jasmine:kiss my ass

john: no thank you 😊 

jasmine:lol your very funny (walking out)

john:just playing here your check 

jasmine: yay thanks


Jasmine: really 2 dallors are you kidding me (walking out the door)

john: asking me for damn money bitch bye 👋 lol 😂 

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