Love is strong john

About life


10. Love (fight / shot)

 ( at the club with Deanna and Kamari and john)


Deanna: this club is boring 

Kamari: lol look who here 

Deanna:he's coming over here

???:hey girls long time no see

Deanna and Kamari:hey RJ😡

Rj: danm dee you still look good 👀

Deanna : lol boy bye I have a man not no lil boy

Rj: ight and Kamari still got cake

Kamari: boy bye 👋 get a life 

Rj: bitch (he grab Kamari and slapped her)

Kamari: I know you did just hit me (taking her heels 👠 off)

Deanna grab a bottle and hit rj in the head with it before Kamari hit him and john stab him in his hand .

John: lets go you guy ( they leave the club rj shoot john and run) 





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