Love is strong john

About life


11. Love ( Don't die on me)

john pov.

When I walk out the club i felt a sharp pain go right through me and everything went black.

Deanna : (crying) john stay with stay with me don't die  on me 😭 

Deanna run to the car and get her gun and shoot Rj in the head.

Trish pov.

John is taking forever to get the pregnancy test where is he (calling john) 

  (Knock ,knock)

I got up to go answer the door 🚪 and it Deanna and she covered in blood.

Deanna: john been shot (crying) he at the hospital.


When she said the my heart ❤️ drop 💧 thinking about how I might be pregnant with his child.

Deanna:lets go ( Deanna walk out the room)

Kamari pov. 

I went to go tell shyda and Tonye what happened 

Kamari: shyda and Tonye we need to go to the hospital 

Shyda and Tonye: why what happened? Why are you crying 

Kamari: john been shot (crying)

Shyda:what ? (About to cry 😭)

Tonye: your lieing (a tear fell down her face )

Tonye and shyda:ok let go

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