Clara helps Torchwood

Clara gets left in the middle of Cardiff with no idea whats going on. What happens when she finds a mutual friend of the Doctors? Will she get even get to see the doctor again?

A.N. Please dont kill me over this story. I would have loved to see this in the actual show but sadly Clara is no longer around :(


2. You work where?

I start to walk around Cardiff and I somehow make it to a bar. I sit at the counter and order a Pomegranate Martini. I was almost done with my drink when the bartender put another one in front of me. "I didn't order another one." The bartender pointed to a guy at the end of the bar. "It's his treat. He is a very nice guy, and he usually doesn't pay for anyone else." I look at the guy and signal my thanks. Then I turn back to my drink and I notice that somebody sits down next to me. "How come I haven't seen your face around here?" I look at the man and he reminds me of the Doctor a little bit. "I am visiting a friend who works in town. I don't come to town very often." He tilts his head a bit almost like he is trying to see if I'm lying. "I'm sorry if I seem nosy, but where is this friend of yours? Shouldn't they be showing you around town?"  I try to think of a decent answer, when I finally decide to tell a variant of the truth. "My friend was called to an important business trip. Unfortunately, I wasn't permitted to tag along." I finish the drink I ordered then I start the drink I was given. "I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you don't mind me being a little nosy, but what is your name?" "My name is Clara Oswald. I actually have the same question if you don't mind?" He looked at the bartender and then back at me. "That is a wonderful name. My name is Captain Jack Harkness, but you can call me Jack." I finish my drink and then I start to get my card out to pay. "Jack let me pay for my drinks,please." He paid for the drinks and then walks out with me. "Where did your friend leave you? I could show you around town." "They left me near a semi-circle pillar that has water cascading down it." He holds his arm out like a gentleman. "Do you know where that is?" "Yes, I work not too far from there. I would be happy to show you." He takes me to a run down shack that has nothing but travel brochures on the wall. "Clara, welcome to Torch Travels. I work here with Ianto." I look around the room and I don't see anyone. "Jack, I don't see anyone else here. Is there something you are not telling me?" He looks at me with the same exact face the Doctor does when he is hiding something. "I know that face Jack. That is only because I have seen the Doctor use it." "Hold on a second. Before I say anything, how do you know the Doctor?" I cursed under my breath because I promised myself that I would never mention him. "I should be asking you the same question Jack. But if you have to know he is the friend that dropped me off." "That would explain why you were lying earlier." I looked at him with a mix of shock and amazement. "I also have something to tell you Clara. The company I work for isn't called Torch Travels. It is called Torchwood." I look at him in shock and try to figure out where I have heard that word before.

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