Clara helps Torchwood

Clara gets left in the middle of Cardiff with no idea whats going on. What happens when she finds a mutual friend of the Doctors? Will she get even get to see the doctor again?

A.N. Please dont kill me over this story. I would have loved to see this in the actual show but sadly Clara is no longer around :(


4. I was not expecting to be found that quickly.

When I wake up it is around 5 in the morning. I hear someone walking down the hallway and the curious side of me decided to investigate. So I get out of bed and start heading towards the door to 'my room'.  I hear footsteps getting closer to my door and I quickly jump back into bed. I close my eyes to look like I am asleep just as the door knob starts to turn. Connor appeared in the doorway. I pretended like i was just waking up and I looked at Connor. "I didn't think you would be checking up on me." He lightly chuckled and sat down next to me. "I was scared that your friend had found you and decided to take you away. I'm sorry if I startled you." I sit up and I put my hand on his shoulder. "It's fine Connor. I actually appreciate the fact that you were concerned about me." We left my room and headed to the kitchen to make some breakfast. After we ate breakfast, I decided to go out shopping or at least walk around town. "I should be back in an hour or two depending on if I get lost." I walk out of the door with another one Connors hats. I somehow made it to the beach when I was just wondering around. After two minutes I got the feeling that I was being followed. Then I got a call from the Doctor unfortunately I couldn't answer it in enough time. I heard a familiar voice asking about me. I decided to head back to Connor's flat, and I almost got caught by Jack. Eventually I made it back to the flat however Connor wasn't there. I called the Doctor and when he answered it sounded like he was in trouble. "Hello?.... Clara why are you calling me? Is anybody with you? Are you okay?" I shake my head and Connor walks in the door. "I thought you called me earlier. I have a friend with me and yes I am okay." Connor notices that I am on the phone and he walks over to me. "Clara, I have to go but I will call you sometime soon." "Okay, Doctor. Please be safe." He agrees then hangs up. I throw my phone and it is somehow still completely intact. "Connor what am I going to do? I have no idea how long my friend is going to be away." Connor gives me a hug and goes to calm me down when there is a knock at the door. "I will get it Clara. Don't worry I'm sure your friend will be okay." He goes to answer the door and I hear Captain Jack Harkness. I get my phone and text Connor about an idea that I have to get Jack away from his flat. He agrees with me so I walk towards the door. "Who is at the door, sweetie? I thought you weren't expecting anyone." "Clara this is Jack. I believe he is looking for someone." "I'm sorry if I am bothering you but I am trying to understand a mutual friend." I explained why the Doctor left me here and then Jack leaves. I did not think Jack wouldn't find me that quickly. 

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