Clara helps Torchwood

Clara gets left in the middle of Cardiff with no idea whats going on. What happens when she finds a mutual friend of the Doctors? Will she get even get to see the doctor again?

A.N. Please dont kill me over this story. I would have loved to see this in the actual show but sadly Clara is no longer around :(


5. I hope the Doctor comes back shortly

Connor looks at me with a look of pure amazement and I fill him in on the details that he can handle. "So you travel through time and space with a mad man in a blue police box. Where have you been all of my abnormal life?" I look at Connor and he kisses my cheek which surprises me. "Connor, what was that for? I thought you were keeping your options open." My phone starts to ring and it's the Doctor. "That's the Doctor. I guess he needs to talk to me about something." I answer the phone and the Doctor is yelling at the TARDIS. "Clara can't stay with Jack! He would run everything that I have planned!" "Doctor! What is going on? Why are you concerned about Jack ruining stuff?" He uses the basic reasons and then he asks how I knew Jack. I tell him the story and slams his fist on one of the railings. Then Connor decides to speak up and ask me what is taking forever. "Who is that, Clara? That doesn't sound like Jack. Where are you? Are you okay, Clara?" "His name is Connor and I'm staying with him for a bit. I'm fine Doctor. I promised you that I would right?" "Yes, but the TARDIS and I still worry about you." I thank him and the TARDIS for everything. I make the TARDIS promise to keep him safe. We hang up then someone knocks on the door. "I'll get it Connor. I'm already up, so it will be a bit easier." I open the door to Jack holding a rose. "What is the rose for Jack?" He looks at the rose and then hands it to me. "Thank you Jack. Would you like to come inside?" "Sure. Is your friend home?" Connor walks over as if on cue. He puts his arm around my waist and kisses my cheek. "Hey, Jack. I didn't think you were going to come over today." "I was going to call but I don't have either of your numbers. I actually wanted to apologize for the other day." We sit down in the living room and we try to catch up. Jack gets up and tries to make it over to Connor and I. Before Jack can reach us a monster that is called The Vigil, grabs both me and Connor then vanishes. 

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