Just A Girl of My Generation...

A bubbly bright child, outgoing and loud. That how Emma used to describe herself, but now Emma is no longer bubbly, outgoing or loud, she is no longer the person that lights up a room with the spark in her eye - although she is still bright, no one ever see's it, no one even recognises her anymore, Emma has changed and morphed into someone completely unrecognisable. She no longer sings around the house, no longer stands out. She has become quite, fragile and shy - but what was it that made her loose her spark?


2. Dear Diary...

Dear diary..


No one believes it

No one can see

How this voice it my head

Won't stop taunting me 


People tell me in skinny

Perfect in every way

But this voice in my head 

It gets louder every day 


People think it's stupid 

Who cares what I weigh 

But it's not them that 

Hears this voice every single day


When I look in the mirror 

I hate what I see 

It's the voice in my head

That did this to me. 


No one understands 

The guilt that I feel

After I have eaten

Just one single meal. 


But when will it end

This voice in my head 

Will it keep going

Till I end up dead?








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