The blessed and the cursed

In Takete there are two kinds of people the nugatory and the reverent. The reverent are the rich and powerful the king is graced with being the vessel of one of the two male gods. Each lifetime a different goddess chooses a reverent girl to be her vessel and become queen. The nugatory are like bugs beneath their feet. So oppressed that they are almost slaves. Ambalay was born a nugatory but whithin her is Tesumi, the goddess of fate and mischief. Nothing like this has ever happened before, but Ambalay is put into a position that would benefit her oppressed people and the goddess inside her and she will stop at nothing.


3. Ambalay's pov

Ambalay pov

Dong! Dong! Dong!

There was no escaping the sound of the mourning church bells. It had been two weeks since the old king had died. Two weeks of ringing bells and wailing women parading up and down the streets, pulling out their hair and beating at their breasts. I was starting to get irritable.

"The mourning will end soon." Whispered the gentle voice of Tesumi in my mind. "Yes, I know it will. I think it's just the lack of sleep getting to me." She didn't respond but I felt her sympathy.

"Ambalay are we almost there? You walk so slow! We are going to miss the parade!" Seven small pouting faces looked up at me.

"It's not a parade guys, it's the funeral for the old king. You all need to be on your best behavior. Do you understand?"

"Yes!" They all said together. I shifted the baby on my hip and walked a little faster. Being late would not be good, it was a mandatory participation event. Anyone who missed it would likely be put to death.

A blockade surrounded the area. The royal guard was slowly letting everyone in. "Arm." Barked a guard as we reach the front of the line. The children and I obediently stick out our arms to show him the bracelet around our wrists. He scans each one of them, information about our entire lives show up on the screen. He quickly finishes and waves us inside, there was nothing interesting about a care taker and her gaggle of children.

"Everyone stay close." I remind them as we walk though the crowd. Most people quickly move out of the way. All the children were supposed line the street. The nobles would rather look at the faces of cute little kids than the depressing faces of everyone else.

Just as we got into place I heard the blaring of trumpets coming up the street. "You all must stay very still." I tell the children. A few of the tricksters stiffened up like little boards, letting out a small giggle, but most of them looked up at me and nodded solemnly before turning around again. First came the priests, they all prayed loudly as they walked along. Some of them swung little metal things that a weird smelling smoke came out of. Next came the old king himself pulled along by two giant horses. His casket was made of wood but one could scarcely tell because of all the previous jewels and metals that decorated it. Then came the two princes. I had never seen anyone of the royal family but as soon as I set my eyes on the high prince I felt an unrelenting rush of anger and hatred, the likes of which I had never known. It took me a second to realize that the anger I was feeling was not my own it was Tesumi's.

"What is wrong Tesumi? Why are you so angry at the high prince?" I asked, but she did not answer me.

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