The boy with the detached mind

One house, seven kids, a few small mistakes... One huge mystery.
Delve into the life of Art, a teen with a horrid past, a tragic tale of magic, monsters and hellish beings.

[Comes after Darren Shan's: THE DEMONATA]


1. One - Death Glare

"Take one more step and you won't even have time to regret your actions."

I watched from the silent side of the corridor, staying as still as I possibly could as the disturbance broke out, I hadn't even asked the new kid for his name before he raised all hell. He had been quiet for a small while, lulling everyone into a false sense of security. He was like a firecracker whose fuse had sizzled and come to a halt, but as soon as you move closer the whole thing blows up, right in your damn face.

He had arrived earlier just as the week had began, obviously it had started off as a calm, serine morning, until he waltzed through the door. Ratty, shoulder length hair that seemed as if it should have been white, the roots and under layers almost grey. His eyes seemed mysterious from the start, his right a dark blue-green colour that seemed to give you the death glare wherever you went and his left? Well, the only thing I can say is that it was missing, completely gone, a dark hole where the eyeball should have been. He was thin like a stick figure, with quite long limbs yet somehow still a head shorter then most of the other patients, still intimidating with sharp canines and a toothy, mischievous grin.

He was brought in by a young woman around her early twenties, his hands tied behind his back with a heavy duty rope that must have been painfully digging into his wrists from the way that he was writhing around.

"Name?" The nurse stated dryly, as if she said the same thing every single day. (She probably did, mind you.)

The young woman looked up, unhealthy looking bags under her eyes and an awful cold. "Artemis Erin-Davien Pendragon, sixteen years of age." The woman looked back down at her shoes as Artemis tutted at his own name, as if it was a weight upon his shoulders. The nurse checked through the files in silence, before sighing and looking up at him.

"Oh, It's you ​is it?" The nurse rested her elbow on the desk, leaning forward to stare at the boy. "I've heard all about you and your... habits." 

Artemis had just smirked, staring the nurse down with wide eyes, "I trust that I've been... prepared for hm?"

My God, the nurse's face was priceless, complete shock as she heard his voice for the first time. It didn't fit the boy at all, in fact, it made him seem years older than he was, it was a wise and somehow... comforting voice, one that you'd never, never ever, even in a million years, imagine for this odd character... And that made him all the more interesting.

"Yes." The nurse stated, expression turning plain again as she took the rope from the young woman. "You don't have to worry any longer Dear, he's in good hands now." She nodded to the woman, unaware of the boy rolling his eyes in a dramatic fashion.

The woman had nodded back feebly, and started to weep as Artemis was taken from her sight, causing another nurse to enter the scene and nod sympathetically towards her, I heard them speaking quietly.

"I didn't want to do it... I promised that I wouldn't bring him here-" The woman broke into a fit of angry and guilty tears, "He was just a boy! I-I lied to him... His parents... His parents they..." She broke into a sad whisper, "They gave him away when he was just young, he used to think that they'd come for him... but his mind.... his mind is too corrupt."

I didn't catch the rest of the conversation, but I could tell that that boy was gonna cause trouble, especially with a past as such... And that, that was how it began.

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