Just in love

Alex and Justin met backstage after Justin's purpose tour concert. They become close friends, but what happens when fame gets too much for Alex and love doesn't make it any better?


4. the first meeting

Backstage Justin and I exchanged numbers. So I got a text from Justin saying "hi sweetie I was wondering if you could meet up tomorrow? I still have a week back in LA so I wanted to see you and get to know you a little more" when I saw the text I freaked out. I wanted to see him again so bad, but me and my boyfriend had plans tomorrow. Maybe I should tell Justin about Mason. My boyfriend.

I text Justin back saying "yeah of course I would love that. See u soon :)"

He answered me with a ";)" and made me smile.

Great, now I had to text my boyfriend and say my plans are changed and I can't be with him tomorrow.

As I was preparing what to write to him I hear someone knocking on my door.

"Come in" I said. It was mason. "Hi babe what's up" I looked weird at him like I didn't know why he was here. "Why are you here? We were supposed to meet tomorrow" I said and gave him a quick kiss and then a hug. "Yeah I know but I couldn't wait" he said and looked me right into my eyes and made me wanna fall on the ground, because of the way he made me feel. Mason took both his hands around my waist, to pick me up from the bed and give me a kiss. But instead I grab his wrists and pull him down to me so he end up laying on top of me. He smiled and looked me into my eyes in the most romantic way and slowly he leaned forward, took both his hands on each of my cheeks and kissed me. It turned me on a lot and I really wanted him in bed but we had never tried it before. We had been together for 1 and a half year but we had never been in bed together, and the reason for that is that I just wasn't ready, and mason did respect that which was one of the reasons I really loved him. Mason was my first boyfriend ever so I had never tried having sex before so I was a virgin.

Me and mason were laying down on my bed and were cuddling and kissing each other until mason had to leave.

"So do we still meet tomorrow?" Mason asked me. "Uhm no I am so sorry babe, but I have this other thing I need to do" I didn't really want to tell him about Justin, just because it didn't really matter right now for me to share everything about Justin now that he is a huge star and everyone knows him. "That's totally fine. Good thing I got to see you today then"

I kissed Mason goodbye and he left.

So I was meeting Justin today and I wanted to look presentable, but at the same time I didn't really have a sense of style, so I just took what was hanging in my closet and added some jewelry and it was good.

We agreed to meet at Starbucks in downtown LA so I was waiting for him there for like 10 minutes and he didn't show up. 15 minutes I had waited outside and it was freezing cold for some reason and it was middle July. I was debating whether or not I should text Justin and ask him where he was, but I didn't want to seem annoying on our first time hanging out, so I just thought I would leave. And as I was walking away I felt a hand on my left shoulder and I look back and I saw it was Justin. I see the rosiest cheeks and the cutest smile in front of me and I was still trying to convince myself that it was actually Justin Drew Bieber I was meeting up with. "I'm so sorry Alex, I had a meeting with my agencies and it got late. I sorry" he said in the cutes voice so I couldn't be mad. And I knew he was a busy guy so the fact that he even took the time to meet with me I thought was so kind. "Oh no, don't worry at all I get it" I said with a smile to convince him that I fully understood him and his work.

"What would you like to drink. I'll go pay." Justin said and I smiled. The fact that he was willing to pay for me. That was really sweet of him. "No Justin I can pay for myself but thank you" I said to be kind and show that I'm independent. " I know you can but I won't let you. Come on what do you want?" He asked me again, and I was flattered that he didn't give up on paying for me. "I'll just go for a hot chocolate. And thank you Justin" I told him "okay, no problem" Justin said with a smile. Justin ordered the same thing and we sat down and Justin started talking to me like we had known each other for years which was nice because he was just so smooth and humble and it made it really easy for me to talk to him. "So what's going on in your life right know?" He asked me "well nothing special, I just study and hang out with family, friends and my boyfriend" I said. "You have a boyfriend?" Justin asked and made me laughed. I pushed him softly on his shoulder to show him that he was inappropriate by saying it that way. I made Justin laugh and it showed me he was just kidding. "What? I just think a girl like you should be with a guy like me" he said in a funny tone. I laughed and hid my face with my hands because he made me blush. "Aww are you blushing, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable" Justin said and removed my hands from my face and smiled. "No no it's okay, you're just funny" I said and tried to hide my blushing again, even though he already had noticed it. "I'm not joking, I think you and me would make a wonderful couple" he said and imaged it for himself.

After we drank our hot chocolate we decided to say bye and then go home. "It was a pleasure getting to know you, I would love to meet again sometime. I am currently on tour so it might be a while till we get to see each other, or maybe you could come join me on tour in Europe?" I totally wanted to go but I just didn't know if I could and if i could just leave LA for a couple of months. That would be crazy. "Maybe I could join you" I said and smiled "that would be awesome, and we could explore Europe together. Text me if you can come" he said and opened up his arms to give me a hug. "I will" I said in our hug and smiled and I could feel Justin smile too. I said bye and left in my car.

Hey guys!! Hope you enjoyed my newest chapter. I have thought about how my story should end and I think it's gonna be existing. Thank you so much for reading my story, it means a lot when you put an effort in something like this. I love you and I'll see you soon byeeeee!

Xoxo Negar😘

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