Just in love

Alex and Justin met backstage after Justin's purpose tour concert. They become close friends, but what happens when fame gets too much for Alex and love doesn't make it any better?


1. the concert

"Alex, it's time to go!" "I'm coming mom" Alex said. "You can't be late to a Justin Bieber concert" Mandy said.

Alex and her friend Ashley had bought tickets to a Justin Bieber concert and they waited in 9 months so they were so excited.

"I'm so excited Ashley, we have pit tickets so we get to be right next to the stage" " I know, it crazy" Ashley said"

they scanned their tickets and ran into the arena. Justin was about to go on stage and the girls were shaking.

A screen stared playing a clip of Justin behind the scenes of a "Calvin Klein" photoshoot. Everyone was screaming because he was shirtless.

The first song stared playing which was "mark my words" Justin came up from the ground in a purple glass box with a pen in his hand. Everyone was screaming their lungs out. He started writing a lot of things on the glass while singing. When the song was done the glass box went down again. Justin came up again but without the box and started singing again, but this time another song. "I can't believe it Ashley, I'm Shaking. Oh my god!"

Justin was halfway through his concert. He sat down on the stage right in front of Alex and Ashley. He started singing "purpose" which is a slow song. "His voice is like an angel" Ashley said. Justin reached out his hand to Alex and looked her right into her eyes. Alex started crying and a tear glided down her cheek. Justin took his other hand that wasn't holding Alex's hand, and took his thumb and wiped her tear away. He smiled and made Alex smile too. The crowd was screaming when Justin smiled. Justin was holding tight onto Alex's hand and she wasn't complaining.

The concert ended. Ashley and Alex were about to go when one of Justin's security guards stopped Alex and told her that Justin would like to meet her backstage. Alex looked weird at Ashley and then at the security guard. "WHAT!" Alex said in shook. "Yeah, he asked me if I could bring him A girl and described exactly what you look like" the security guard said to Alex. Alex took the security guards hand and started walking backstage. Alex's heart was beating fast and she was about to fall on the ground.

They brought Alex to a room. The door was closed, and as soon as the door opened Alex sees the back of Justin and he turned to face Alex, and leaned in for a kiss on the cheek.

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