Just in love

Alex and Justin met backstage after Justin's purpose tour concert. They become close friends, but what happens when fame gets too much for Alex and love doesn't make it any better?


2. the concert pt. 2

I smiled to Justin and he looked satisfied at me. He asked his bodyguard nicely to close the door, and wait for him outside. "Hi" I said nervous while not knowing what was going on at all. "Hi how are you?" Justin asked me and looked directly in to my eyes, which made me more nervous than I already was. "Uhm I'm.. I'm" "are you nervous" he asked me. I nodded my head and smiled. "You don't have to be, I'm just like any other person. Just pretend I'm one your closest friends" his little comment made me smile, mostly because he knew he wasn't just a regular person to so many people, but I really respected him and wanted him to feel normal, so I tried to act casual in front of him. "You're are probably wondering why I brought you in here, right?" Justin asked me. "Well, yeah" I said and laughed softly. I made him laugh, which made me more comfortable being around him. "I saw you in the audience. Many girl were crying but specifically you. You stood out to me. you cried and made me wonder what was going on. For some reason it hit me very hard, so I had to make sure everything was alright" Justin's voice was calm and really soothing. And the fact that he told me, he specifically looked at me and I stood out to him, was unreal. "Thank you for thinking of me Justin, but I simply just cried because my love for you is really strong and I feel like you make so many people happy everyday, and it hurts me deep inside, that I am not able to make you as happy as you deserve" the words flew out of me and it felt like I had been waiting so long to tell him those words. It felt relieving to let him know how I feel. "You telling me these kind words makes me happier than any other person have ever made me" After he told me that Justin opened up his arms and I automatically squished my arms around him and embraced him with a hug. The best feeling ran down my body when I felt Justin hugging me so tight that I almost couldn't breathe and it felt amazing. It was like a dream I never thought would come true but it was right here in this specific moment.

"You seem really down to earth and sweet. I would love to get to know you and I could introduce you to my family if that okay with you?" When Justin told me, he wanted to get to know me, I was in shook and I was about to cry but I kept it inside of me, to not be an annoying fan and make him regret his question. "I would love that" I told him with a calm voice and ended our conversation with a smile.

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