Just in love

Alex and Justin met backstage after Justin's purpose tour concert. They become close friends, but what happens when fame gets too much for Alex and love doesn't make it any better?


6. chapter 6


So today was Sunday and me and Mason had plans. We were going out to eat at my favorite restaurant, McDonald's... I'm just kidding😂😂 (not funny.. okay)

We were going to "spice house"

I went in the shower, took a long bath, went out, put on a summer floral dress on, put some light makeup on and I was good to go.

I was watching tv until Mason would come. I wasn't one of those girls who take forever to get ready, minimum 2 hours. That's not that bad compared to I'm a girl.

I heard our doorbell ring and I quickly put on some slightly heeled shoes and opened the door.

-hello my gorgeous princess. You look amazing baby.

I blushed a little after he said that. He was so sweet. I went in for a kiss and he grabbed my hands and pulled me closer to him to give him a hug.

-thank you Mason.

We went to our table and I ordered my favorite dish "the spice rice" it was so good.

Mason ordered the same.

After we ate we decided to go to my house. Mason drove us home.

When we got to my house I opened the door and went in. I immediately took my shoes off and threw myself on our couch. Mason was right behind me and he fell right on top of me.

We were laying down, Mason on top of me and we were looking in each other's eyes for what felt like 1. Minutes was a solid 5 minutes. Mason moved himself closer to me and our lips touched. Mason had his one hand under me, behind my back, and his other hand under my dress on my stomach. He was moving his hand up and down in calming motions while he was gently kissing my lip.

I could tell that Mason was getting really turned on by the way he was staring at my body and the way he kissed me harder and harder.

Mason picked me up from the couch and took me to my room, put me on my bed, closed the door and quickly he was back on me in the same position. Hand on my stomach pressing my side.

He began to kiss me on my neck and I let out a moan. He went lower and lower. He untied my dress, threw it on the ground, so I was only left in my bra and underwear. He took the time to stare at my body, and then he took off his shirt, and then I took the time to stare at his body. I put my hand on his abs and went lower and lower. I took his belt off and the he pulled his pants down himself.

Was this really happening, was this going to be my first time. Was I scared? a whole lot.

He took his hand on my inner thigh and squeezed the area. How could he do this to me. I felt totally different and good inside. It felt so good.

He took his hand lower and lower down from my stomach until he reached my underwear he grabbed the side of my underwear and started pulling it down when I stopped him.

-Mase I'm sorry but I can't

-why babe?

-I'm not ready yet, I'm scared

-everyone is at their first time, it's normal

-yeah but it doesn't feel right, I'm sorry

-but babe

-I can't Mason I just can't

-okay I get it, it's fine

He took his clothes, put it on and left my house.

I was laying on my bed half naked and confused. "Why am I like this, why am I such a kid, why would I stop him, he is so embarrassed now, omg I am such a fool" I said to myself thinking why I didn't do it. Now what?

I hadn't talked to Mason in 3 days. I tried calling him, didn't answer. I tried texting him, no reply.

I hate myself.

I heard my phone calling from the back of my room. I gasped thinking it was Mason.

-is it Maso- nope

It was Justin. Of course I wasn't sad that justin called me, it's justin duh, but just a little disappointed cause I thought Mason called me back. I genuinely don't think he wants me anymore.

I picked up my phone and I immediately heard Justin's happy voice. He's such a positive kid.

-hi cutie

-hi Bieber, what's up?

-you ready for tour?


-what do you mean 'kinda' we leave in two days

He said with a little concerned voice.


-yes silly. What have you been up to?

-well I haven't had the chance to tell my mom yet, and I think my boyfriend broke up with me.

-wow okay uhm I'm sorry then.

-no no you don't have to be sorry I am just not feeling it right now.

-well what can I do for you to feel better?

-nothing it's fine, I'm gonna go and pack.

-wait I'm coming over, text your address and I will be there in five.

-okay but you really don't have to-

And then he hung up.

It was kinda cute that he wanted to come. I really didn't know why, but it was still cute.

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