Just in love

Alex and Justin met backstage after Justin's purpose tour concert. They become close friends, but what happens when fame gets too much for Alex and love doesn't make it any better?


5. chapter 5


It was Saturday evening, 8 o'clock and I was watching a movie alone in my room, until I heard my phone buzzing. It was Justin... I picked up my phone.


-Hi alex, it's me Justin!

He said with a happy voice.

-so I was thinking of you, and I wanted to know if the whole tour thing could be an option in your schedule?

It was kinda weird that he was thinking of me but oh well.

-uhm I really don't know If i can just leave town for a couple of months.

I answered disappointed cause I really didn't want to let him down and I would really like to go actually.

-I'll take care of all that. Don't worry.

-how exactly Justin?

-well, I'll talk to you school principle and I'll talk your parents into letting you go.

Sometimes I think he doesn't notice that he is a huge star and everyone knows him. How the hell is he going to go to my school and explain to my school principal that I am going to Europe with Justin Drew Bieber.

-I don't think that's a good idea Justin. Everyone will be so curious about why I am going on tour with you.

-okay maybe your right but I want you to come so bad. Please make something up.

-okay fine. But what If someone finds out?

-don't what if, what if so much and tell me what you are going to say to your parents.

He said joyfully and exited, which was kinda cute. Agh I just love him.

-uhm I'll say to my parents that our school is taking us to Europe to write about the difference betwe-


My mom yelled.

Mo- mom. I put my phone under my pillow, threw my blanket over me and tried to look as calm as possible to not make her think I am doing anything.

-yes mom?

-are you coming to diner sweetie?

-yeah just a moment

-okay I'll wait

I picked up the phone again and continued.


-wow that was close. Okay I'm sorry, where were we?

She said.

-that's totally fine. You were about to tell me you plan on how you were gonna convince your mom, remember. I said.

-oh yeah, so I'll just tell her that we have a school project and we need to go to Europe. And my school.. well.

-tell them that you are going to be studying in Europe for a while to learn new things.

-risky, but I'll go with it.

-You do realize that most of the time that you will be in Europe, you're on your summer break?

-oh riiight, I forgot. Well that's a plus haha.

-so you won't even be gone from school for that long

-nope not a problem

-great, i can't wait to experience this tour with you.

-yay me too.

I loved how she said that. It was too cute.

-haha you are so cute.

I said, not even thinking about it.

-haha thank you.

She said kinda shyly.

I could feel her blush on the other side of the phone. I couldn't get over how cute she was, I just wanted to squeeze her up and cuddle her. Okay that sounded strange, I said for myself.

We ended our call and I went to bed.

Hi!! So I hope you enjoy my story. Sorry for not updating, I have been thinking about the story a lot and thought about how I should write it. The next chapter is a little 'heated' so if you are sensitive please go on to the next chapter. Luv u❤️

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