Seeking Clouds ||•Jc Caylen•

Cleo Lillianne Jones is Sam's best friend. He persuades her to move next door to him and the o2l gang. When she finally gives in she meets and falls in love with Jc. But because of her past trust is a harf thing to get or gain back from her. (In this story o2l is stilp together and they all live in the same house)


1. Chapter 1

Cleo's pov

Being locked in your room is horrible. Im not in here because I need to be, im in here because i want to be. My mom is throwing a birthday party for a cousin that we dont even talk to. She just needs an excuse to get drunk.

I dont really like socializing towards people I dont really trust. The only person i really talk to anymore is Sam. It was hard for me when he moved to L.A. He is my bestfriend.

So I decided to call him.

(C-Cleo, S-Sam)

S-Hey Babe, what up?

C- oh nothing just the typical '19 year old girl locked in her room because moms throwing a party downstairs and is probably drunk off her ass as we speak'

S- That really sucks. I wish you were here.

C- Yeah me to, I miss you so much.

S- You know..your over the age of 18...

C- yeah so..

S- And our neighboors just moved out..

C- get to the point Sam.

S- so why dont you just move in next door. I could see you everyday and you get to meet the guys.

C-I dont know Sam.

S-c'mon pleeeaaaaaaassssseeee

C-Okay fine, ill do it!

S-yess!!! okay ill text you the number to the owners and stuff, then ill see you later.

C- Okay sam. I love you. bye

S- Love you too babe. bye!!

In case your Sam and  are not dating. Babe is my nickname given to me by my best friend Carry but she moved away..just like Sam. Anywhore, the name kinda cought on and now pretty much everyone calls me that.

That night i called the owners of the house. They said that if I went to check it out tomorrow and was able to pay them on the spot that i would be able to move in that day.

I still have my money from when my brother died. He was in the military. So i pack all of my clothes and my important stuff. I dont bother to take my furnisher because ill just buy new stuff.

I tell Sam and he is super excited to see me. I smile to myself and drift of to sleep.

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