Adventures through Storybooke

Natalie was just a teenage girl with a bully and no friends. Not that unusual. Until one day, when she wishes with all her heart to join the worlds in the storybooks she loves so much, and finds herself suddenly whisked away into the land of Storybooke. How will she cope with a world where just one word could take you from one magical land to the next?


1. Chapter One

"Hey, Natalie!" It was Allison. 

"Yes, Allison?" Natalie asked the ground, face pointed towards the floor.

"Do you have my homework done?" Allison asked. 

"Yes." Natalie whispered, pulling several papers out of her backpack. 

"How about Amanda's? And Anna's? And Lavender's?" Allison demanded.

"All here." Natalie pulled several more papers out of her bag and handed them to Allison's crew. 

"Good. You better hope that we all get A's." Allison threatened. "Now get out of our way." 

Natalie drew to the side, but that didn't stop Allison from shoving her to the ground, and Amanda, Anna, and Lavender still walked all over her things. 

The worst part was, this was in the middle of a crowded yet silent hallway. Everyone saw and heard everything. And nobody did anything. 

Allison and her cronies ruled the school. They were seniors, and the definition of the movies version of "mean girls." Nobody dared stick up to them, even when she did really mean things. Like pick on a sophomore nerd. And make her do their homework. And do everything in their power to humiliate a girl two years younger than them. 

Natalie sighed and began to gather up her things. As usual, nobody bothered to help her. Finishing cleaning up, she hurried to her first class.


The door banged open and Natalie rushed into her house, tears running down her face. Without pausing to say hello to her mother or sisters, two younger and three older, she ran up the stairs to her bedroom and threw herself down onto her bed. For the next hour, she just lay there and sobbed into her pillow. When she finally calmed down, she pulled down her favorite book of fairy tales, sat on the window seat, and opened to her favorite story, Sleeping Beauty. Natalie traced her finger across the colorful illustrations, then hugged the book to her chest.

"I wish I could escape into this world." she whispered into the top of the book. "I wish that I could escape this world, and live where there's magic and fairies, witches and trolls, far-away castles with beautiful princesses who sleep for one hundred years." 

The house began to shake. Natalie's mother and sisters downstairs began shouting and panicking. Natalie began to feel dizzy. When she stood up, she made it the few steps to her bed before she fainted. 


Light flooded Natalie's eyes as she blinked. She was laying on something soft, but not her bed.  Sitting up, she realized that she was in a forest, and the soft thing was a padding of springy moss. Several glowing archways surrounded her. Each had words carved into it. Walking closer, she read the closest one.

Harry Potter 

"Okay, this is weird." Natalie muttered to herself. She read the next one.


"This is getting weirder." Natalie walked around the archways and read each one.

The Little Mermaid.

Sleeping Beauty


The Land of Stories

The Hunger Games




Ever After High

"Well, nothing's going to be explained here." Natalie said, and walked through the archway that said Harry Potter. 

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