How the bad boy stole my heart

Meet Katie Johonson. She is a 17 years old girl from Ohio. She has always lived a quiet life. A life without any drama and without problems.
She lives with har mother, and you can always find her with a nose in a book.

Now meet Parker Rivers. He does everything he is not supposed to do and he gets away with almost anything, because of his ridiculous good looks. He picks girls op at every party he goes to, and then just dump them the next day.

Katie and Parker are completely opposites, and just by looking at them they could never work, but what if the good girl isn't as good as she pretends to be. And what if the bad boy isn't as bad as hé pretends to be.

None of them are looking for love, but will they find it anyway?


2. Chapter 2


Chapter 2

After I say goodbye to Jamie, I head to my locker. The walls are covered with red lockers. They have always been a part of this school. I think there are more than a thousand lockers, but that would make sense since there are probably around 1000 students here. 

I love these halls. I always have. Jamie thinks I am weird, but the truth is that i have made some pretty good memories here. As I walk towards my locker totally consumed by my own thoughts I walk into something, no someone, and I fall to the ground. My head hits the floor rather hard, and i feel my sight and my mind getting fuzzy. I look up and stare right into the eyes of Parker Rivers. 

Let me just say that Parker Rivers is not a good guy. Keyword being not. He doesn't care about anyone else but himself and he does whatever he pleases. Including sleeping waking over every girl in the entire school. He makes them feel like like they are something special and then he just dumbs them the next week because he found another girl. He doesn't care if they are ruin friendships that were supposed to last a lifetime all he wants is attention. 

He is normally always joined by his three best friends. I don't really remember their names, and I don't really know them so, but I think they are exactly like him.

"Watch were you are going next time, okay? " He asks with a smirk on his face. 

No one can deny the fact that he is attractive. His brown, almost black, beautiful eyes. His thick dark brown hair, styled perfectly, just like he just woke up or something. His defined jawline, plus the fact he's really tall and because I just walked right into him, I can tell he is also pretty strong.  

"Excuse me?"I say. 

I mean I'm sorry for walking into him and all, but he could at least act like a decent person, and ask me if I was okay. After all I was the one who fell to the ground.

"What?"He asks, with a face I'm not able to read.

I just stare at him. My head still hurts, so I decide to stay on the ground for a bit. I just ignore Parker, who is just standing there, still not making sure I am okay.

Someone yells his name, and he looks up, and make this typical boyish head nod. Before he leaves he looks down at me.

"You really should look where you are going!"He says smirking again. 

Not giving me a chance to reply he walks right past me, still not even looking at me once.

I stay on the ground for a while, still wondering what just happened. 

"Katie," I hear someone yell, and I immediately look up. I see Lucy who is walking towards me with a worried expression. Her short blonde hair wavering the air and grey eyes sparkling in the light. When she finally reaches me she helps me up. 

"What happened?"She asks.

"Parker Rivers happened," I say, and explain to her what happened while we walk to our next class. 

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