Rules for life with an alpha

Life isn't always easy. And it's not supposed to be easy. But even if it isn't easy, there is some tricks to help it on the way.
Hey. My name is Aiden White, I'm 17 years old. I live alone because my parents kicked me out, when they found out I was gay, and that was when I was 15. I'm 5'5 feet, has brown, medium long hair and a pair of green eyes, that I'm very proud of.
And this is my, not so great, life and how I survive it.


6. Chapter 6

Jack pov


He ran away. Why does he keep on running away. He kissed me back, he blushes when I call him cute or love. He was basically eye raping me when we first met. That has to mean something. He always runs or locks himself away. I don't understand him.

I maybe don't know him, but I think that janitor, Carl, might. I seemed like they were really close. I have to find him. If I'm lucky he might also know where Aiden lives.

Speak of the sun and it shines, here he comes.

"Carl! Carl, thank god I found you."

"Jack? Is everything okay? Why are you not in class?"

"It's Aiden. I saw him been dragged out of the classroom by some guy and went after them. Aiden was kicking, screaming and crying. It looked like they were going to beat him. I might have broke the nose on one of them, but that doesn't matter. After that Aiden was kicking me, he was swearing. I tried to calm him down, I think I succeed but he ran out of the school. Do you know where he lives?"

Carl was just staring at me.

"He-he was swearing? Aiden never swears, it remind him of… You said he ran out of school. He is skipping… "

Carl takes a hold of my shoulders.

"You must have done something to frustrate him. He never skips school. Not even when he is been beaten. What. Did. You. Do?"

"I didn't do anything. I hugged him to calm him down, and when that didn't work I told him I loved him and kissed him."

His eyes went wide.

"You kissed him?"

"Yes. Was that wrong of me? I just wanted him to calm down."

"Did he kiss you back?!"


"Answer me Jack! Did he kiss you back?"

"… Yes…"

"You are making him break his number 1 rule. He has been trying to avoid you hasn't he. Oh god. I knew he was already falling for you, but I didn't knew he liked you that much."

"What are you talking about? Number 1 rule? He was already falling for me? What are you mean?"

"Aiden likes to make rules to better get through life. He hasn't had the best life so far. I knew he like you by the way he was looking at you."

"… What is his number 1 rule?"

Carl looks at me with sad eyes. It looks like it is hard for him to tell. But I don't press.

"Don't fall in love."

Don't fall in love… Don't fall in love. He is really falling for me, and I am cursing him to get frustrate and break down. This explains why he only answered me with short answers yesterday.

"I need to know where he lives. I need to-"

"No you don't. you will just make the matter worse. I am going to visit him now, and you are going back to class."

"NO! I need to see him. He is my mate. You can't leave. You are working. You will get fired. I'm pretty sure Aiden wouldn't want that."

Carl chuckled.

"No I won't. The principal is my mate. He wouldn't fire me. He loves me too much to do that. Besides alpha, I think Aiden need a friend to talk to."

I suddenly don't like this guy.

I just hope Aiden is okay.



Oh she did not. Two chapters in one day. Can she keep it up now that she suddenly is in the mode.

Hey my lovely readers. Here is another chapter. I hope you likes it. I thought it was important to get Jacks pov here. I hope you enjoy reading my book and will continue reading. You guys mean a lot to me, so keep the reading going. See you around.


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