If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


6. Value of Life

"Value? What value, do you think that those third-rate soldiers can ever worth the same amount as mine?" Bishop replied. Right after finishing that single sentence, I used gravity to stop him in one place and then used electromagnetism to maintain his muscular system sensitivity at highest level. "Just a simple kick will hurt more than what your "things" have experienced so far." I reminded him. "You better clench your teeth, that is the only respect I can offer to you as fellow human being." "Do you think you will get away after doing this on me? The entire country will go against you." the general hurriedly replied. "Against? I have never been accepted to single nation of this world." I replied back. "And also, its not me who is going to hit you, it will be your very own soldiers." "What? How can they possibly dare to go against me, their family will be in grave danger if they were to even scratch me." he causally laughed about it. The soldiers clenched. "Within next three years, I will recruit every possible people who can fight, and those who are courageous enough to create a new nation with me." I declared. "And at this moment, I unofficially declare the creation of Utopia(Perfect World). "What are  you trying to become, Messiah?" general asked. "Do you know how many died trying to change this world?" "I am not going to die, I can not die at this point either." I replied. "Stronger than current standard of strength, that simply means I am an outlier" The soldiers began to talk to each other. "He stopped general with single gaze, maybe we have the chance." one of soldiers suggested. "We don't have to worry about being abused by those who are higher than us." the nearby said. They started to move near where the general was standing. "WAI- WHO DO YOU THINK I AM, YOUR SUPERVISOR." I resisted."Not from now on." soldiers replied. They started to either punch or kick the general. I wanted to make this situation more interesting, so I decided to mark his vital point with bloody red paint. I noticed that both Ragn and Reina were both fine now. I asked, "Do you want to beat him together?" "I would be able to hurt him but Ragn wouldn't be nothing more than light tap to him." Reina replied. I guessed that generals are not generals because they worked on various types of evil deed. Their physical capability was beyond normal human. Carefully thinking for a second, I found new method. I suggested, "When I count down, punch him." "Why?" he asked. "Just do it." I replied. "Threeeeee, twooooo-punch him." He did punch him as I told him to do, since the general wasn't prepared for it, his face clearly showed evidence of pain. "Serves you right." I laughed.

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