If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


35. Travelling

The large ball of flame with the speed of an average arrow came straight at me, but there was one thing he didn't know about basics of magic. I threw my sword targeting at the head of the arrow, it nearly hit Kane's head, which had made him ashen from the shock. As I noticed that the battle had ended, I began to pack my items in the storage metal, and I noticed Deca lied on the ground, so I picked him up and threw it against the tree that Kane was in, it wasn't necessary but I felt it would be great to do something like this once in my life. Master stood high on top of the trees and said, "You are now strong enough to walk the path of your own, and take my place as recruiter." "Recruiter? For someone like me?" I was wondering what this need of making a member means. "I need at least three more people in the team, but a person like you might be more fitting as a recruiter than who I am," he began to explain, "I will eventually meet you again, but for the time being, you will travel off your own." "Why are you trying to recruit people? What is your purpose?" I asked. "To find the people with same will as me, that is the one and only purpose, and the last of explanation I will give," he continued, "You may now leave." I still couldn't go against him, first of all, he was the one who saved my life, and for the second, he is still stronger than who I am as of now. "I can't read his stats either," I wasn't aware of the fact. Without a word, I began to head for the next town. 


"Everyone, it's alright the town is just over the hills," I encouraged my classmates, "Just few more steps and we can reach the first town. For the past month, we had encountered many beasts, ranging from simple bunnies to large bears. Most of us were either heavily injured or simply tired. The only advantage of this is the fact that all of us had became more skilled and efficient, and our stats increased by at least ten times. My currents stats were as a following: S:14101, D:9150, A:19510, St:21051, and SS:35010. My creation techniques were becoming more detailed as the day cores, something as detailed and delicate as katana can be made as easily as breathing. We finally arrived to the town, to the children who came from highly technologically advanced places, this place was more of less a ancient town, but at tireless times, it was almost like a paradise. 

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