If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


16. Transfer student?

"Transfer student?" all of my classmate said in union. "Transfer student isn't certainly uncommon but why at a time like this?" Wein, the typical honor student, said. "We will have to bring him to the baseball club!." I said. "I wonder if he/she can join occult club...." Luke, nicknamed "Incarnation of mystery", said. "Today, as you know because of Samuel, the ghost, that we have a new student." said our Manager(AI version of teacher).(Don't know where it originated from.) "And here he is, our new student, Ri!" "Ri?" "Like Rai?" "or is it re" "Is it related to reincarnation?" I said. "like (R)e(I)ncarnation?" Some people started to agree. "Welcome to the club, Ri." was what I wanted to say but it would be considered to be informal in our school. I just kept quiet. "...m...My...name is Ri......nice...to..meet you." He said. Shy personalities were almost welcomed here, most of us had the same personality as him, but not me. I am natural born adventurer and being shy wasn't in my book. <Eleven A.M> "Is there sport that you play well?" "Where did you come from?" "Why is your hair white, is it genetic?" "Which area do you live in?" Just from looking at someone and a bit of a testing, I can guess person's height and weight, and here is the summary of the transfer student. [Ri, Age:???, 51 Kg, 5"4, Haircolor:White(Interesting), Eye color: Yellow] "Quite odd one we got here." I thought. From this day, I began to take interest in him. "He actually beat dragon in terms of flight speed, and he doesn't have a wing, is he from the underworld?" I thought. In our sports festival, we discovered his ability to fly without any sort of wings. Most of do have ability to control something through our cores, it seems impossible to fly on our own without any help of physical flight enabling mechanism. <April, the day of the testing> Everyone was extremely nervous about their scores. Ri suddenly came out of nowhere and came to update the scoreboard. Updating the scoreboard is the role for people who scored the highest in the exam. The score board shocked everyone, Ri got full five hundred, the perfect score. I couldn't help but to feel that maybe this Ri isn't ordinary being.

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