If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


24. Training under the Strongest

"Ri, is that you?" that was my first question. "No, I am not, but I do know who you are directing to," he replied. "Then who are you? His twin?" I asked. "No, I am the original, the king of the dragons, founder of the floating island, and most of all your king," he replied. I was shocked, the very person who was recorded in our history book came to my sight, explaining his identity, but at the same time, I was puzzled. "If you are alive, then why did you not come back," I asked. "It took me last hundred years of closed training, and I had no reason to go back," he frowned slightly. "What is your name? What are you going to do with me?" I asked. "As I listed, I have many names, but you will be calling me Strongest for the time being, you will eventually know my name later on," he started to talk, "My current motive is to recruit people like you, who had seen the reality, and would not go with the ideality." "Ideal and reality?" I said to myself. I never wished for anything, because I already knew that my luck would have cancelled it out, and faced the reality. "What type of training are you going to do?" I asked. "You probably won't be able to damage my pet lizard over there, not to mention defeating it," he continued, "Your first training is simple, in ten days, create your own type of skills, instead of using the established ones." Create my own skill? That would take a lot of time," I whined. "You will never be perfect when you use skills made by others, create your own world, that is the fastest way of training under my care," he explained, "You will also have the physical training as well, I apologize for the fact that you will have to do all of this in your first day, but in order to get a revenge for this world, you will have to do what I say." "You are probably the strongest being that I have ever met, why do you need me?" I asked. "I can not interfere with the human business, but I can guide you personally," he replied. "Human business? Does that mean you are not human?" I asked. "Yes, I am not human, I am the member of the 

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