If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


3. Time Skip

When his power transferred to me, intense pain caused by synchronization caused me to faint. After unknown period of time, I woke up. "I becoming Messiah is more surprising than discovery of mythical creatures." I said to myself. "But if it was his last wish, then I will surely take the burden." I found martial art book that the Dragon King was referring to. Apparently, it was nameless  and naming it wasn't needed for now. I also discovered his training schedule, which I thought that it would be necessary to follow it daily. "I am now dragon/human hybrid, but what difference in appearance did it make?" I said to myself. I looked at the mirror and was surprised to find myself now. My arm that has been severed resurrected and it became evident that it was covered with draconic scales that seems to be solid and simple yet stronger and more durable than any of materials that exist within this world. My hazelnut brown hair became dark violet with black base. And most visual feature was my eye, seemingly violet yet black. "Black and violet body doesn't sound too bad." I admitted. After checking myself, I went outside the house, the weather was somehow fine. Although I could sense dangerous animals coming after me, although I can die in this place anytime, the fact that I was free from the control of the city made my shoulder lighter than ever before. "1st day of training, Start!" I shouted at the peaceful sky.

3 Years Later

"YOUR MISSION TODAY IS TO CAPTURE BEAST0831, YOU ONLY HAVE ONE AND ONLY CHOICE TO CAPTURE IT.", said the military general. The name of our country is Cauran, it is currently at war with Trean, the divided nation. Our squad's responsibility is to capture beasts in order to obtain raw material to make weapons. Trean has been known internationally to have ability to control surroundings, it was said to be only effective for 10 kilometer radiance outside the nation's border. However, our speciality is to create artifacts that can simulate same ability as them. Since its the weapon that can create the effect of the ability, we have no limitation when it comes to type of ability. I am Ragn, uncommon name in Cauran, but not as rare name in Elven community. Yes, I am a elf, and its secret that only I and my sister knows. Outside the country is off limit zone where only few personals go in order to find raw materials. There once used to be elf town one place or another but those town started to disappear. Us to siblings barely escaped. My sister is talented in swordmanship so she became one of the early general at age 15, while I still remained at soldier at age 14. "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, SOLIDER?" the general said. "Nothing, sir." I replied. I was barely accepted into the army, most may not know but I am blind, I would have been abandoned if it was not Elven's high natural senses. Today, we are going to capture beasts within the thousands rank. Beasts are recorded by their strength, the end number means the rank, the lower it is, the stronger it indicates. I usually hunt large quantity of small fries, but today, our squad will assault strong one. "EVERYONE GET SET." shouted the general. "YES!" everyone responded. "I wish for your safe return." replied general. After all the loud noises, we instantly jumped off the helicopter and proceeded to land with our air parachute artifact. "The location is only 300 meter left, its going to be easy task." nearby soldier said. "Lets end this qui-" a large cracking noise was echoed everywhere. "What is that thing, why is hundred digit beast here?" I wondered. Not a single person couldn't attack because of it's passive ability, gravity field. It allows all of nearby organisms that it doesn't recognize as ally to freeze for few seconds. "We are surely dead" I responded with voice that seems scared. "Aggghhhhhh" I screamed and my legs fell down to the ground. "Bend down." a voice came from nowhere. I did what the voice said and looked back up again. "Wah-" The furious beast was blown away with only pressure of air made by simple kick. The person who appeared before me had jet black clothes with black and violet hair and eye. He simply sat down in top of the monster he just kicked and simply stared me for a moment and then said, "Who are you?".



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