If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


44. Third Chapter: Ascension

I hated it. I hated being looked down. But if I don't keep quiet, then I will die. I will die of who? I will die by these group of people. These so called people who took away my precious life* away from me. These people claim that they are like gods, but to me, those are just fakes. So was many other people next to me, who had the same thought as I do. What are we? We are group of children who acts as guinea pig in this research lab. I know for sure that foolish beings like us humans can not play god. There is no way that we can ever be perfect. That was the main reason why I didn't believe in them, even with their sweat talks. I am sample for his experiment. I don't know myself what this is. But something was likely to be true, no it was certain, that whatever they are doing is illegal and something that needs to be punished for. For the first week, I had my hopes up, hopes that I can escape this place and live a free life. However, that was nothing other than illusion I made myself, I was almost killed by single incident. More like an accident than incident. Until the first few days after my first week, my mind was sane, but I could feel that compared to few hundred hours ago, it wasn't as stable. What sort of experiment were they doing? I heard that it was something like finding next successor of the three warriors that would serve the nation. Three beast king's successor was what I heard, but the rest of us are not here to be disposed of, but instead, any leftovers will be tested to become vessel for some strong entity. From the highest to the rock bottom, they will be checking for compatibility. It seems like an experiment that wouldn't involve much pain. But, I can guarantee you that everyday life in here wouldn't be exciting either. Our treatment was worth than that of a livestock, and since only thing that they had to make sure was that we were not dead, we were treated like a personal rag doll. My entire body was bruised the moment I was about to sleep again, we lived in a place that was not much different than a cage, no a prison. We had limited sunlight, causing our eyesight and skin to be at its lightest color. My leg couldn't move temporally because of shock in the brain, and our foods was the bare minimum. It seems that we had to live in an environment that would bring out the deepest nature of the humans. I began to lose faith in humanity, and see the true side of it. 

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