If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


9. Succession

"In the city, there is not only one signal but three?" I couldn't help but to be surprised. Considering the fact that other three kings don't have definite history or origin, Chrono, the ruler, shouldn't be able to defeat them. The same goes to the army of the Trean(The name of the nation where City is located in), they are currently at war and capturing is out of option. Then the only possibilities is that......There are individuals who were able to receive their cores. "How many signals did you receive?" I hastily asked. "It is three different signals," they replied. The worst circumstance that I could face literally hit straight at me. I can already guess the worst case scenario of those three participating the war against Cauran. "This will upset the balance if I don't stop this," I thought. But I simply couldn't understand why we were not able to be notified about this sooner. My Sage's Wisdom began to simulate all possible situation. The best answer regarding lack of details is that they already united at the time of my journey(When I left my territory and was separated from civilization) and since this would be type of thing that only highest military generals and advisers would have known. But the most important thing is, if the signal was visible to common soldiers, then the so called secret would be able to be easily known to the enemy nation. "Don't tell me," my voice shook, "Everyone, maintain Position Alpha and prepare for battle." "Yes, Sir." soldiers replied. Position Alpha is arrangement where they prepare me, the main tanker, while the other soldiers will switch to defense or manage the situation at the headquarter. After being equipped with my new clothes, I instantly began to teleport in short range. "Why are you in such hurry?" Ray(Headquarter leader) asked. "Can't you guess? If I don't interfere with their business, then they will easily achieve something as childish as world domination," I replied, "I will have to defeat them before they get chance to get stronger." Dragon's ability is exceptionally strong among other three beasts, but if all three were to go against it, then it would be inevitable that even the mighty ruler would lose. Compared to Jack-Of-Trade like me, bird's speed, turtle's defense, and tiger's offense were simply far ahead of me. "I should be arriving in ten minutes," I kept in mind.

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