If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


10. Story of Kings

"I understand that Drane(Dragon King's human name) couldn't handle all the tragedy he faced, but choosing human with extreme degree of human is really quite troublesome." Mysterious figure said. "Is he declaring war against us?" Another mysterious figure asked. "Maybe it is time for us to conquer his territory." The third figure suggested. Three beast kings were known to be aggressive toward another, but it was a mere disguise to trick Dragon King. To be more specific, for the half of their lifetime, they have actually been enemies, but the appearance of justice/law-following dragon caused the beasts to cooperate. "All of us has been waiting for thousands of years to take revenge on humans, who have locked us on this so called "off limit" zone." Turtle suggested. "And I have this special ancient method to hijack human body." "There has been countless of similar techniques but all of them were useless because it was difficult to find suitable vessel." Bird argued. "Not to mention the fact that we won't be able to control the host." "That is if we pass our core, and not our physical body and mind." Turtle asked. "My method involves making DNA modified human body that we can replace our "shells"." He continued. "Behold, this is place where our soul will rest in." Inside large pillar there were three humans, two male and one female. "This base consists DNA of strength of Faim, the strongest martial art practitioner, Daze, Grandmage with once-in-a-life-time talent, and Gre, the intelligent prodigy." He explained. "It took me decades to analyze and make this into one form, it will be able to overpower Dragon's successor, perfect isn't it?" The loud, explosive noise suddenly echoed the forest. This alerted all three of them and their curiosity forced them to see the situation. Three teenagers, about 13, was critically injured during the attack. "Turtle, I have one favor to ask." Tiger requested. "Since we are not used to human society, can't we create room for duel personality in that "masterpiece" of yours." "You are still naive, even after thousands years of imprisonment, you still can't hate does who are not related at all." Turtle couldn't help but sigh. "Fine, it is only because it was you, I wouldn't there to be sharing my body with a human." While they were still alive, we transferred two of us in each body. During this process, since Turtle didn't interpret the possibility of sharing a same body with another organism. The teenagers' mind was the main conscious while the Kings' mind only became subconscious portion. But luckily, all of the three became accepted into human society and climbed the ladder of ranks. 

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