If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


12. Stages of Truth

The dimension without definite space or time, life or death, or the concept or law of nature was the place that I was in. Somehow, instead of being empty space like the universe, the entire world was pitch white. I should have been dead a long time ago, the concept of oxygen or nitrogen didn't exist, but it seems that black hole also drew in oxygen of the surrounding area. I am currently floating around the area, only thing I could do was to think and save the oxygen. [World without any established concept?] I was surprised by the voice, there shouldn't be the concept of sound. I couldn't talk but it responded to my thoughts. [Why do you think you have fundamental force ability?] The first answer was surprising. "Shouldn't it be passed down genetically?" I thought. [What about the authority levels?] "It should be also from heredity, average of both paren-" [Are you sure, then why would nobles adopt children?] "Maybe they have certain medical condition?" I thought. [ But, don't they have advanced medical technology?] That was right, they should be able to fix that disease with few pills. [Do we really need calculations to spark our ability] That explains me, a core of a beast without any conscious should not be able to use any sort of ability, and so are the majority of the beasts, some even doesn't have ability to reason, they just go by their- [Instinct isn't it?] If children of nobles instinctively thought of being the nobles themselves, while children of slums thought themselves as nothing but a nameless humans, then it would make sense that these two types of people would have different thoughts and instinct, or rather influence from the environment. [Didn't you want all type of forces during the test?] It was the highest degree one can earn, so it was natural for me to want it. [But where are your "influence"] That...was...right...I didn't have the so called "instinct" that limits me. [Then is the force manipulation your real ability?] I was speechless....I didn't know that I was this clueless about the world. [What really is it?] The basic concept of ability is to change something. "Ability to change?" I thought. [How come your instinct was broken?] Since when did my influence shut off from me? [Didn't you not care about what others thought of you in the test?] I really didn't care about what others said.....It was just being me.... [Did our ability originate from being ourselves?] That probably was the closest answer. 

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