If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


13. Stages of Truth <Second part>

[Was your life built from lie?] "Possibly..." I replied. [Do you want to know the truth?] "How?" I asked. [Can't you use your ability to make this world the same as the one you came from?] "I see.." I replied. If I can create the exact replica of my world and paste it here, I could be able to see the truth more or less. "Change" I ordered. Within few minute, the concept of space and time, state of matter, the physics of this world, and the element began to arise. "This world is too unstable to withstand bigbang, I will have to create basic laws and <Download> the copy of early earth." I thought to myself. The earth started to materialize, so was other planets in our solar system. I wanted to know the truth from the beginning of the world to the end, I had no choice but to experience the billion years of creation. "Before I start, who are you?" I asked. [I am one that is farthest away from you in the inside but closest to you in the outside, this is more than enough for you to guess me, isn't it?] "The only person who knows all about yourself, as well as my thoughts, is myself. But it seems that you are not just myself considering the fact that I don't share the same personality as you."I said. "You are myself yet farthest away from me, isn't it?" [Close enough but it seems that you can't comprehend me, isn't it?] [Since it would take utmost focus to experience the <Truth>, allow me to introduce myself.] [I am the source of this world and the voice of the world itself, and you are supposed to be part of us too.] "Supposed to be?" [Every once in countless planes of universe and parallel worlds, there is always one consciousness that can't play our plot.] [If we were to consider everything, from dirt to humans, as audience, you may as well be called player.] "Player?" [I can not disturb the cycle any longer than this, but remember, don't try to become someone that isn't yourself, that is the only way to stay safe, and also, even if you are close to be with us, there will be a key that will open the limitless sky that you can fly.] The voice started to fade. "Wait, I still have more ques-" It was too late, the voice disappeared and I was left alone. If I know the truth, then I will be able to figure out all of these answers, was what I thought it to be true. Hundreds, thousands, millions, and billions of years passed. At last I saw humanity's beginning. If I am can't be one that same line with others, shouldn't I be considered as <Outlier>?

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