If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


61. Side Story: Memories

"Whose memory are these?" I wondered. There was only two person standing on the black horizon, a purely white human shaped "thing" and the person that I am looking through.

"I -" the conversation stopped.

"What was I thinking, the recovery is more importa-" the lower half was already connected to my upper body. "How?"

As everyone would expect, if a person with ability was deprived and left with barely anything, they would be more or less angry and hold grudge against them. However, in some ways, I have not. Of course, I do want to gain my ability back, but at the same time, I do not want to keep being the figure I was. I rather be living a normal life rather than play the title of hero. Heroes do not exist, not in real life, nor even in fictional stories. If hero's mission is to make everyone happy, why would the fictional ones always kill off the opponent? Just because they are not human? Just because they don't belong to their group? No, it all starts from human instinct that clearly says I can not accept any species that are threat to me. We humans are afraid, we are physically weaker, and that is why we always wanted to be stronger in order to survive, just like any animals in this world. Lets say that there is typical story of hero xxxxx saves the kidnapped princess and slays the demons, there may be demons with families that are working hard to support their family and have not killed nor harmed humans in any way. It might not say in the book but these may be majority if we turn reality element on. There comes our question, "If humans fight demons because we want to avenge our fallen comrades, and demons also want to fight for their friends", then which side is ultimately at fault? Not a single human is competent to create environment of absolute justice. As there is no shadow without light, there is no injustice without justice. There are lot more injustice in this world than one may even consider, and the very fact that I am greedy over my powers shows me that I am the part of the conflict. I rather be outside of all this problem and call myself, "Outlier". I am born as low class citizen, but I have more than enough wealth to live comfortably. Though it may be human instinct to strive for more, there is always a line indicating sufficient and insufficient. 


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